"How could people see all the graves of Falkreath and still want to make war?"
―Indara Caerellia[src]


Indara Caerellia is an Imperial farmer in Falkreath.


Indara is the wife of Mathies and owns Corpselight Farm in Falkreath with him. They had a nine-year-old daughter named Lavinia, but she was lost recently when Sinding, a transient worker, murdered her at the lumber mill in town. She and her husband are first encountered by the Dragonborn in the cemetery, attending their daughter's funeral, which is led by Runil.


Runil's Dark PastEdit

Runil was one of the Thalmor during the war... "I knew he was troubled, but one of the Thalmor? I wish I could say I did not believe it. Thank you for telling me."


Winter is ComingEdit

Mathies: "The fields will need cutting soon."
Indara: "I suppose so. Seems like it was just turning summer yesterday."
Mathies: "And now winter is coming."

Arkay's TempleEdit

Runil: "Ah, Indara. Arkay's blessing upon you and your husband. Spend as much time here as you need."
Indara: "Thank you, Runil. Your support means much to us."


  • "Mathies is a kind and wise man. The Nords could use more like him. So could the Imperials."
  • "Falkreath is a hard place and tending a farm here is thankless work."
  • "My husband Mathias and I tend Corpselight Farm."
  • "How could people see all the graves in Falkreath and still want to make war?"


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  •  PC   360   Due to bad packages and targeted markers, Indara stands still a level below Corpselight Farm.
  •  PC   According to the Creation Kit her class is "CombatWarrior 1H," but should probably be Farmer.


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