Ordinator Indoril Armor

An Ordinator wearing full Indoril Armor.

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Indoril Armor is a type of Medium Armor found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It was originally worn by House Indoril. Today, it is worn by the Ordinators of Morrowind, as the Tribunal were members of this house when they were mortals.[1]


There is only one Merchant in Morrowind that sells Indoril Armor — Faras Thirano.


Wearing the Indoril Cuirass or Indoril Helmet whilst in sight of an Ordinator will cause them to attack the Nerevarine. If an Ordinator spots the Nerevarine wearing one of these items even once, they will attack them from then on, permanently, even if they have taken the armor off.


Name Armor Style WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon Ench. Value
Indoril Boots Boots 18 2000 450 26
Indoril Cuirass Cuirass 27 7000 1350 180
Indoril Helmet Helmet 4.5 3000 450 225
Indoril Left Gauntlet Left Gauntlet 4.5 1400 225 60
Indoril Left Pauldron Left Pauldron 9 2400 450 10
Indoril Right Gauntlet Right Gauntlet 4.5 1400 225 60
Indoril Right Pauldron Right Pauldron 9 2400 450 10
Indoril Shield Shield 13.5 2000 900 450


  • The Indoril armor set does not have greaves.



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