Infested Mine is a silver mine located north of Varondo, high up in the Colovian Highlands. A Marauder Warlord can be found there. The entrance is hidden behind a waterfall.


The opening level is very small and the single Marauder there may be asleep, making for a very easy kill. There are several Marauder dogs in the mine.

In the rest of the cave there are plenty of Marauders of different races and they can be hard to defeat for a low-leveled Hero.


  • Infested Mine
  • Infested Mine Old Works
  • Infested Mine Spent Galleries

Notable itemsEdit



  • There are two chests above the entrance, and a few steps west of one a dead goblin can be found holding a beer bottle.
  • The Infested Mine Spent Galleries contain the only empty hist bottle not in the Blackwood Company Hall.
  • A Nirnroot can be found opposite the entrance on the other side of the small lake.


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