"Hail, Nerevarine (Player name). I'm not sure what business is out here in the wild, but I'm glad you're not one of my Skaal brothers."

Ingmar is a Nord warrior found waiting outside of Valbrandr Barrow for help in the slaying of a beast, which he feels will make him a true Skaal.


Ingmar in a BindEdit


Ingmar in a Bind

"Hail, Nerevarine (Player name). I'm not sure what business is out here in the wild, but I'm glad you're not one of my Skaal brothers. They'd surely wonder why I'm not inside the barrow, killing the Valbrandr draugr."

Valbrandr draugr "Aye, it's the draugr that resides here in Valbrandr Barrow. I'm supposed to kill it, you see. Single-handedly. Killing a draugr is a task every Skaal must complete before coming a man. Only...I can't kill it. I've tried. It nearly slit my throat! But I can't return to my village until it's dead. Say...maybe you could help! You could go with me, serve as a distraction!"
That wouldn't be right, Ingmar. You've got to kill this creature yourself. "[?]"
All right, I'll help. No sense letting you get killed. "Good! With your help I'll make short work of the draugr! Lead on, Nerevarine (Player name). I'll follow, and when we encounter the beast you distract it while I attack. Please, do not attack the draugr! I alone must attack and kill it. At least then, well...I may retain a shred of my honor, and will at least feel like I earned my place among my people, even if I did get a little help."

After killing the draugr:

"By the gods, that was a good fight! Did you see me? I was magnificent! With the draugr dead, I am truly a man. I've got to get back to the Skaal Village and tell my brothers the good news. If you're ever in the village, come to my house and I shall greet you as a brother. Oh, and Nerevarine (Player name)...I trust you'll keep this between the two of us. I wish I could offer some kind of reward, but I have so little. I know -- I shall leave the draugr's treasure be. It is yours, my friend. Take all you like!"

Inside Ingmar's house:

"Hail, Nerevarine (Player name)! It is good to see you again! Welcome to my home. I was hoping you would stop by. I have something for you. In honor of my defeat of the Valbrandr draugr, my fellow Skaal presented me with a Belt of Orc's Strength. Here -- I want you to have it. After all, you earned it. My thanks again for everything."


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