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Ingmar in a Bind is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Ingmar in Valbrandr Barrow asks the Nerevarine to distract a Draugr so that he may kill it for his Rite-of-Passage.




Not before long and the Draugr in question is encountered. The Nerevarine must let the Draugr attack them so that Ingmar can kill it. If the Nerevarine damages the Draugr, it results in failure even if it's not killed. Speaking to him afterwards will end the quest.


Ingmar in a Bind
I came upon a young Skaal warrior named Ingmar, just outside the Valbrandr Barrow. In order to rise to manhood within the Skaal, Ingmar must single-handedly defeat the Valbrandr draugr. Unfortunately, Ingmar has already tried to kill the draugr once and almost got himself killed.
  • Quest accepted
Ingmar asked for my help in defeating the Valbrandr draugr, but I refused. Skaal tradition dictates he must kill the draugr alone to rise to manhood, and I'm not about to interfere.
I've agreed to help Ingmar in his quest to kill the Valbrandr draugr. He's supposed to defeat the creature alone, but has already tried once and failed. When we enter the Valbrandr barrow, I'm to act as a shield or distraction, but am not to attack the draugr in any way. At least this way, it will be easier for Ingmar to lie to himself, and the rest of the Skaal....
Though he fought bravely, Ingmar was killed. May the Skaal remember him as a warrior.
While in the Valbrandr Barrow, I attacked the draugr. I hope Ingmar understands.
Ingmar saw me attack the Valbrandr draugr, and is now completely distraught. He says that because he didn't kill the draugr by himself, he'll never be considered a man by the Skaal.
  • Quest complete
The Valbrandr draugr is dead. I acted as a distraction while Ingmar landed the blows.
Ingmar thanked me for my help. Now he can return to the Skaal and tell them he single-handedly killed the draugr. As a show of thanks, Ingmar said he's going to leave all the barrow's treasure alone, so I'm free to take as much as I want. He also invited me to visit him at his house in the Skaal Village, if ever I get the chance.
I met Ingmar in his house in the Skaal Village, and he presented me with a Belt of Orc's Strength. It was given to him by the Skaal in honor of the Valbrandr draugr's defeat, and he thought I should have it.
  • Quest complete