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The following is a list of Alchemy ingredients that are available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. For more information about the individual items, click on the pages below.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Only an ingredient's first effect is experienced when consuming the item raw (without alchemical preparation).

List of Alchemy Ingredients
Ingredient WeightIcon.png Gold Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4 ID
Alit Hide 1.0 5 Drain Intelligence Resist Poison Telekinesis Detect Animal ingred_alit_hide_01
Ampoule Pod 0.1 2 Water Walking Paralyze Detect Animal Drain Willpower ingred_bc_ampoule_pod
Ash Salts 0.1 25 Drain Agility Resist Magicka Cure Blight Disease Resist Magicka ingred_ash_salts_01
Ash Yam 0.5 1 Fortify Intelligence Fortify Strength Resist Common Disease Detect Key ingred_ash_yam_01
Bittergreen Petals 0.1 5 Restore Intelligence Invisibility Drain Endurance Drain Magicka ingred_bittergreen_petals_01
Black Anther 0.1 2 Drain Agility Resist Fire Drain Endurance Light ingred_black_anther_01
Black Lichen 0.1 2 Drain Strength Resist Frost Drain Speed Cure Poison ingred_black_lichen_01
Bloat 0.1 5 Drain Magicka Fortify Intelligence Fortify Willpower Detect Animal ingred_bloat_01
Bonemeal 0.2 2 Restore Agility Telekinesis Drain Fatigue Drain Personality ingred_bonemeal_01
Bread 0.2 1 Restore Fatigue - - - ingred_bread_01
Bungler's Bane 0.5 1 Drain Speed Drain Endurance Dispel Drain Strength ingred_bc_bungler's_bane
Chokeweed 0.1 1 Drain Luck Restore Fatigue Cure Common Disease Drain Willpower ingred_chokeweed_01
Coda Flower 0.1 23 Drain Personality Levitate Drain Intelligence Drain Health ingred_bc_coda_flower
Comberry 0.1 2 Drain Fatigue Restore Magicka Fire Shield Reflect ingred_comberry_01
Corkbulb Root 0.1 5 Cure Paralyzation Restore Health Lightning Shield Fortify Luck ingred_corkbulb_root_01
Corprus Weepings 0.1 50 Drain Fatigue Fortify Luck Drain Willpower Restore Health ingred_corprus_weepings_01
Crab Meat 0.5 1 Restore Fatigue Resist Shock Lightning Shield Restore Luck ingred_crab_meat_01
Daedra Skin 0.2 200 Fortify Strength Cure Common Disease Paralyze Swift Swim ingred_daedra_skin_01
Daedra's Heart 1.0 200 Restore Magicka Fortify Endurance Drain Agility Night-Eye ingred_daedras_heart_01
Diamond 0.2 250 Drain Agility Invisibility Reflect Detect Key ingred_diamond_01
Dreugh Wax 0.2 100 Fortify Strength Restore Strength Drain Luck Drain Willpower ingred_dreugh_wax_01
Ectoplasm 0.1 10 Fortify Agility Detect Animal Drain Strength Drain Health ingred_ectoplasm_01
Emerald 0.2 150 Fortify Magicka Restore Health Drain Agility Drain Endurance ingred_emerald_01
Fire Petal 0.1 2 Resist Fire Drain Health Spell Absorption Paralyze ingred_fire_petal_01
Fire Salts 0.1 100 Drain Health Fortify Agility Resist Frost Fire Shield ingred_fire_salts_01
Frost Salts 0.1 75 Drain Speed Restore Magicka Frost Shield Resist Fire ingred_frost_salts_01
Ghoul Heart 0.5 150 Paralyze Cure Poison Fortify Attack - ingred_ghoul_heart_01
Girith's Guar Hide 1.0 5 Drain Fatigue Fortify Endurance Restore Personality Fortify Luck ingred_guar_hide_girith
Gold Kanet 0.1 5 Drain Health Burden Drain Luck Restore Strength ingred_gold_kanet_01
Gravedust 0.1 1 Drain Intelligence Cure Common Disease Drain Magicka Restore Endurance ingred_gravedust_01
Green Lichen 0.1 1 Fortify Personality Cure Common Disease Drain Strength Drain Health ingred_green_lichen_01
Guar Hide 1.0 5 Drain Fatigue Fortify Endurance Restore Personality Fortify Luck ingred_guar_hide_01
Hackle-Lo Leaf 0.1 30 Restore Fatigue Paralyze Water Breathing Restore Luck ingred_hackle-lo_leaf_01
Heather 0.1 1 Restore Personality Feather Drain Speed Drain Personality ingred_heather_01
Hound Meat 1.0 2 Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Reflect Detect Enchantment ingred_hound_meat_01
Human Flesh 1.0 1 Fortify Health Drain Intelligence Drain Personality - ingred_human_meat_01
Hypha Facia 0.1 1 Drain Luck Drain Agility Drain Fatigue Detect Enchantment ingred_bc_hypha_facia
Kagouti Hide 1.0 2 Drain Fatigue Fortify Speed Resist Common Disease Night-Eye ingred_kagouti_hide_01
Kresh Fiber 0.1 1 Restore Luck Fortify Personality Drain Magicka Drain Speed ingred_kresh_fiber_01
Kwama Cuttle 0.1 2 Resist Poison Drain Fatigue Water Walking Water Breathing ingred_kwama_cuttle_01
Large Corprusmeat Hunk 1.0 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_05
Large Kwama Egg 2.0 2 Restore Fatigue Paralyze Frost Shield Fortify Health food_kwama_egg_02
Large Wrapped Corprusmeat 1.0 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_01
Luminous Russula 0.2 1 Water Breathing Drain Fatigue Poison - ingred_russula_01
Marshmerrow 0.1 1 Restore Health Detect Enchantment Drain Willpower Drain Fatigue ingred_marshmerrow_01
Marsus' Guar Hide 1.0 5 Drain Fatigue Fortify Endurance Restore Personality Fortify Luck ingred_guar_hide_marus
Medium Corprusmeat Hunk 0.5 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_06
Medium Wrapped Corprusmeat 0.5 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_03
Meteor Slime 0.1 10 Fortify Willpower Cure Poison Cure Blight Disease Restore Willpower ingred_scrib_jelly_02
Moon Sugar 0.1 50 Fortify Speed Dispel Drain Endurance Drain Luck ingred_moon_sugar_01
Muck 0.1 1 Drain Intelligence Detect Key Drain Personality Cure Common Disease ingred_muck_01
Muffin (Morrowind) 0.2 1 Restore Fatigue - - - ingred_bread_01_UNI3
Netch Leather 1.0 1 Fortify Endurance Fortify Intelligence Drain Personality Cure Paralyzation ingred_netch_leather_01
Pearl 0.2 100 Drain Agility Dispel Water Breathing Resist Common Disease ingred_pearl_01
Poison 0.1 0 Weakness to Poison Damage Health Damage Fatigue Poison poison_goop00
Racer Plumes 0.1 20 Drain Willpower Levitate - - ingred_racer_plumes_01
Rat Meat 1.0 1 Drain Magicka Paralyze Cure Poison Resist Poison ingred_rat_meat_01
Raw Ebony 10.0 200 Drain Agility Cure Poison Frost Shield Restore Speed ingred_raw_ebony_01
Raw Glass 2.0 200 Drain Intelligence Drain Strength Drain Speed Fire Shield ingred_raw_glass_01
Red Lichen 0.1 25 Drain Speed Light Cure Common Disease Drain Magicka ingred_red_lichen_01
Resin 0.1 10 Restore Health Restore Speed Burden Resist Common Disease ingred_resin_01
Roland's Tears 0.1 5 Drain Health Burden Drain Luck Restore Strength ingred_gold_kanet_unique
Roobrush 0.1 1 Drain Willpower Fortify Agility Drain Health Cure Poison ingred_roobrush_01
Ruby 0.2 200 Drain Health Feather Restore Intelligence Drain Agility ingred_ruby_01
Saltrice 0.1 1 Restore Fatigue Fortify Magicka Drain Strength Restore Health ingred_saltrice_01
Scales 0.2 2 Drain Personality Water Walking Restore Endurance Swift Swim ingred_scales_01
Scamp Skin 0.1 10 Drain Magicka Cure Paralyzation Restore Personality Restore Strength ingred_scamp_skin_01
Scathecraw 0.1 2 Drain Strength Cure Poison Drain Health Restore Willpower ingred_scathecraw_01
Scrap Metal 10.0 20 Drain Health Lightning Shield Resist Shock Restore Intelligence ingred_scrap_metal_01
Scrib Jelly 0.1 10 Fortify Willpower Cure Poison Cure Blight Disease Restore Willpower ingred_scrib_jelly_01
Scrib Jerky 0.2 5 Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Burden Swift Swim ingred_scrib_jerky_01
Scuttle 0.1 10 Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Feather Telekinesis ingred_scuttle_01
Shalk Resin 0.1 50 Drain Fatigue Fortify Health Drain Personality Fortify Speed ingred_shalk_resin_01
Sload Soap 0.1 50 Drain Personality Fortify Agility Fire Shield Restore Agility ingred_sload_soap_01
Small Corprusmeat Hunk 0.2 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_07
Small Kwama Egg 0.5 1 Restore Fatigue - - - food_kwama_egg_01
Small Wrapped Corprusmeat 0.2 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_02
Spore Pod 0.1 1 Drain Strength Drain Fatigue Detect Key Paralyze ingred_bc_spore_pod
Stoneflower Petals 0.1 1 Restore Strength Fortify Magicka Drain Luck Fortify Personality ingred_stoneflower_petals_01
Trama Root 0.1 10 Restore Willpower Levitate Drain Magicka Drain Speed ingred_trama_root_01
Treated Bittergreen Petals 0.1 10 Restore Intelligence Drain Magicka Drain Endurance Invisibility ingred_treated_bittergreen_uniq
Vampire Dust 0.1 500 Fortify Health Fortify Strength Spell Absorption Vampirism ingred_vampire_dust_01
Violet Coprinus 0.5 1 Water Walking Drain Fatigue Poison - ingred_coprinus_01
Void Salts 0.1 100 Restore Magicka Spell Absorption Paralyze Drain Endurance ingred_void_salts_01
Wickwheat 0.1 1 Restore Health Fortify Willpower Paralyze Damage Intelligence ingred_wickwheat_01
Willow Anther 0.1 10 Drain Personality Frost Shield Cure Common Disease Cure Paralyzation ingred_willow_anther_01
Wrapped Corprusmeat Hunk 0.0 0 Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka - ingred_6th_corprusmeat_04

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