Letter of Inheritence

Letter of Inheritance

When certain people in Skyrim die, they leave an inheritance of 100–500 GoldIcon to the Dragonborn, delivered by a courier. The local Jarl will take 10% of the inheritance as a tax, which is already deducted from the amount received.

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  • Homes can be inherited to own, although upgrades cannot be purchased for them. Beds in these homes shift from "Owned" to being open to the Dragonborn, allowing the Rested Effect and Well Rested Effect to be obtained. spouses and housecarls can move into these houses as well.
  • Potential bequeathers can be assassinated to provoke an inheritance in some instances. This method does not always work.


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  • Sometimes the inheritance can still be received, even if the "dead" person is still alive.
  • On occasion, people who would normally leave inheritance money to the Dragonborn do not do so upon their deaths.
  • One may receive a letter that says only "(Player name), In the name of Jarl" and is completely blank the rest of the way. These are normally acquired after the quest "Battle for Whiterun" on the Imperial side.
  •  PS3   Sometimes, "essential" people may die and disappear before the Dragonborn receives a letter of inheritance.
  • The Dragonborn may obtain a letter of inheritance with the dead person being "Bandit."


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