"The pipes are managed by an automated system, but under what regulations? And who's controlling it?"
―Initiate Frynga[src]

Initiate Frynga is a Nord member of the Clockwork Apostles residing in Slag Town Outlaws Refuge in the Brass Fortress, Clockwork City.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Broken Brassilisk[edit | edit source]


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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Brassie—or, well, my brassilisk is doing just fine. I've got him all set up and working again, ready for another adventure in the pipes!"
  • "Brassilisks don't usually have much purpose beyond a gaudy toy. Of course I've functioned Brassie to be useful as well as adorable."
  • "Every member of the Clockwork Apostles has a particular field of study. Mine just happens to be pipes. Perhaps not the most popular topic choices, but I can't help but find them endlessly fascinating."
  • "The pipes that transport oil through the Brass Fortress must have some sort of automated system that turns them on and off. That's how Brassie got swept away. Now, if I can just figure out how they work ...."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: The Broken Brassilisk

"I'm warning you, don't even think you can hassle me just because I'm an apostle-. Wait a minute. Where did you find that brassilisk?"

Below a pipeline, just outside the Brass Fortress.
"So that's where Brassie went! He must have taken a wrong turn, or been swept away by the oil in the pipes. I thought I'd lost him forever. Oh, well, not to say that I'm so attached to a mere toy. I just didn't want to lose all that data."
"Why else would I put Brassie in the pipes? I wanted to see where they led, so I tasked him with exploring the pipelines and archiving what was found. Gave me quite the scare when he ceased responding last night."
Well, here's your brassilisk.
"Seht bless you! I can't wait to delve into all this collected data. Please, take this for your trouble. Knowledge may go beyond value, but I hope this shows my gratitude. Come on Brassie, let's get you set up for analysis!"

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