"t's a horrible name for an inn, I know. But I just can't bring myself to change it. Besides, I like the sign."
Manheim Maulhand[src]

The Inn of Ill Omen is a tavern found along the Green Road, roughly halfway between the Imperial City and Bravil. It is southeast of Faregyl Inn, northeast of the Pothole Caverns and west of Harcane Grove.


The inn is a small building with two little rooms upstairs. It has a trap door that leads to the basement, where Rufio is found. Manheim Maulhand runs the inn and sells some food and drink and also rent out rooms for 10 GoldIcon a night.


Important plant life is limited to three Steel-Blue Entoloma by the front door and three Foxglove plants near the tree in front of the inn.



  • A random Oblivion Gate will open near the inn, making the quest 'A Knife in the Dark' slightly harder to complete.
  • If the Morag Tong Assassin from Sundercliff Watch escapes and survives, he will go to the Inn. However, he is hostile to all NPCs, meaning he will attack any he sees (including those in the inn) on sight.


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