"You’re not supposed to imagine, son. Yours is not the power of life and death. That lies far above you. It comes, in essence, from the authority of the Emperor. There is always a reason, and it is always a good one, and it is not your business, do you understand? You do not imagine, you do not think. You do what you’re told."
―Intendant Marall[src]

Intendant Marall was a member of the Penitus Oculatus during Titus Mede's reign. He was Inspector Colin's superior.


He is described as a round-faced man with an odd ruff of beard beneath his chin.[1]


Fourth EraEdit

After investigating Attrebus' murder, Inspector Colin atended a meeting with Intendant Marall and Remar Vel. However, the for Colin's surprise, the Emperor joined the meeting. Colin expressed his concern about the prince's outcome. According to him, the body that was found wearing the imperial signet was not Attrebus. Remar Vel constantly tried to convince the Emperor there was enough proof that the prince was dead. After the meeting, Marall told Colin that expressing his opinion was not the brightest thing he could have done. He told Colin that after his speech Vel appeared to be less informed than his most junior inspector.[2]

It is later revealed Attrebus was alive. Colin was taken off Attrebus' case for making Administrator Vel look foolish. Marall asked Colin whether he had anything to report about a possible connection between Umbriel and the Thalmor. Colin admitted there was no evidence that vinculated the Thalmor with the flying city.[3]

Intendant Marall and Colin observed as Umbriel approached the Imperial City. Marall asked Colin why he seemed to be distracted, reminding him his job was not to think, but to follow orders. He ordered him to tell him anything that could help them, or if he thought it was best not to tell him, then he should act. Marall also told Colin that a reliable source claimed that Prince Attrebus had been seen at the waterfront.[4]



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