The Interregnum was the period of time between the end of the Second Empire (Reman Dynasty and Akaviri Potentates) and the establishment of the Third Empire (Septim Dynasty) in Tamriel.

It began with the assassination of the last Akaviri Potentate, Savirien Chorak, and every one of his heirs on one bloody night during Sun's Dawn of 2E 430, by orders of the Night Mother. She hired members of the Morag Tong,[1] which then became the Dark Brotherhood in the 430th year of the Second Era.[2] It ended in the 854 year of the Second Era with the establishment of the Third Empire by Tiber Septim.

The Interregnum was a time of great turmoil. The Reman Empire, which had survived through the Akaviri Potentates, fell, and resulted in a series of "insurrections, misrules, and loss of power."[3] The Chim-el Adabal, or Amulet of Kings, was lost amid the "petty wars of gone-heathen kings." In Cyrodiil, the East and the West fought one another.[4]

In Hammerfell during this period, the "High King," leader of the Crowns, moved the capital city from Hegathe to the more prosperous city of Sentinel. By this time, the city was already controlling a third of the trade coming from Iliac Bay.[5]

Many of the roads and cities of Tamriel were destroyed during this time, but they were soon rebuilt by the Septim Empire.[3] Morrowind fared better than most during this time, due to the Tribunal. They managed to "keep the disparate Houses of Morrowind in check, and held off another Akaviri Invasion."[6]

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  • The word "Interregnum" is from two Latin words, "inter" (between), and "regnum" (reigns) and literally means "between reigns."

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