Into the Hills is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. This quest is one of three quests within The Bloodthorn Plot questline. During its course, the Vestige must complete it to proceed. Laganakh senses evil spreading on Betnikh. She must know the nature of the evil before she can attempt to fight it. A nearby totem may grant the Vestige visions that will help in the defeat of said evil.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Use the Vision Totem.
  2. Learn the Bloodthorn plot.
  3. Reach the Ayleid site.
  4. Listen to the Bloodthorn leader.
  5. Enter the Bloodthorn Lair.
  6. Find Vardan.
  7. LIsten to Vardan.
  8. Exit the Lair
  9. Talk to Laganakh
  10. Complete the quest


After talking to Lambur about Investigating Carved Hills, follow the marker to find Laganakh. She is concerned as dark rituals are performed on the island, she first smelled the corruption on the wind. Then the shaman found evidence at an Ayleid ruin nearby. It's the same cult that attacked the fortress and she senses a link between the attacks and the rituals. Chief Tazgol has forbidden her to pursue this so she asks for help.

By the bridge to the south is a totem, those who touch it can see visions and it might show the Vestige a vision that links the attack to the rituals. Follow wherever the visions leads.

Into the Hills02

Listen to the Bloodthorn leader

Follow the marker to the totem and activate it. Learn about the Bloodthorn plot and then head over to the Ayleid ruin. Another vision will appear, listen to the leader to learn what they are plotting. Here Jakarn suddenly turns up to cover their back and help fighting the enemies. He learned from Laganakh what was going on so he decided to help out. He knows about the cave where the Bloodthorn Lair are gathering.

Head over to the cave and enter. Follow the marker to find Vardan who is performing some ritual. Listen to what he says about their plans before he vanishes. It seems the cultists are able to enter the spirit realm. It's time to leave, so exit the lair and head back to Laganakh.

Tell her they are desperate to enter the spirit world and they succeeded. The dangers that faces them becomes clearer she says, we must try and convince Chief Tazgol of this, though she doubts he will accept the word of an outsider. She rewards the Vestige with a Bloodthorn Dagger of the Trainee and some GoldIcon.


  • 91–377 GoldIcon


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