Not to be confused with Siege of Wayrest.

The Invasion of Wayrest was a battle during the Fourth Era. The invasion was the result of the King Barynia of Wayrest, who left the ports of Wayrest open to anyone to enter, even the Corsair ruffians of the Iliac Bay. Barynia's foolishness and shoddy leadership resulted in a contract made by the Dark Brotherhood of Wayrest. It was later revealed that Barynia opened the ports to have his enemies killed amidst the outbreak. Barynia's fate is unknown, he was either spared and fled Wayrest or was killed in his throne room in Castle Wayrest. The Corsairs besieged the city and was able to uncover the Dark Brotherhood Wayrest Sanctuary in the area. They infiltrated the lair and killed every single member of the brotherhood. Survivors had possibly escaped into Falkreath or Bravil.[1][2]

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