Inwold is a Breton Sorcerer who resides in the cave of Palansour.


Inwold attempted to summon some scamps and an ogrim, but he lost control of the creatures, which then went on to kill his fellow smugglers in the cave. Inwold was then locked in a cell and given woman clothes to provide entertainment to his captors.


The Sad SorcererEdit

Upon killing the creatures inside of Palansour, the Nerevarine reaches the cell where Inwold is imprisoned in. Through levitation, they are asked to give the sorcerer a Rising Force Potion so that he can escape. The cave contains a few potions of levitation, which will suffice. After giving Inwold the potion, the Nerevarine can choose to receive the Colovian Fur Helm and the Extravagant Skirt that Inwold is wearing, or decline the clothing and receive one point of reputation instead.


  • This NPC's ID is misspelled "Ingwold."


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