Ione is a small settlement in the province of Cyrodiil. It was created during the Oblivion Crisis. The settlement has a small chapel of Dibella and it is build around a destroyed Oblivion Gate.[1]


Third EraEdit

During the Oblivion Crisis a company of Imperial Soldiers in southern Cyrodiil were recalled to defend the Imperial City. An Oblivion Gate spawned in the middle of this company, killing more than half of the soldiers, including their commander.[1] The entire company would have died if it weren't for an Imperial Captain named Tertius Ione. He managed to pull the survivors together and withdraw. But instead of withdrawing all the way back to the Imperial City, he mustered farmers and hunters from the countryside and Pell's Gate. When he had mustered enough forces they returned and slaughtered the Daedra. The captain, along with half of his troops (less than 52 men),[1] entered the Oblivion Gate afterwards, while the other half remained on guard outside. Ione and the rest of his company inside the gate sacrificed themselves to give Fenton, a Bosmer soldier, the chance to close the gate. The forces outside the gate had started building fortifications and simple buildings. After the gate was destroyed it was a convenient and relatively safe place, so a lot of people stayed and over time, the town grew.[1]

Fourth EraEdit

The town wasn't picturesque; some houses were wooden but most of them were of plain stone and brick. The town had a chapel dedicated to Dibella. The remainings of the Oblivion Gate that was spawned in the Oblivion Crisis decorated the town square.

In 4E 25 an uncle of Attrebus Mede had built a hunting lodge in the settlement, it was built on the plan of an ancient Nord longhouse.[1] In 4E 40, Attrebus Mede, along with 51 of his bodyguards, stayed at the lodge while they were making their way to Umbriel. Attrebus was, however, betrayed by Radhasa, who had set fire to the lodge and killed the other 50 bodyguards.[1]




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