"He's a good man, but Council matters have distracted him lately, and he's been neglecting his other work."
Raminus Polus[src]

Irlav Jarol quote

Irlav Jarol is an Imperial residing in the Arcane University, where he serves on the Council of Mages as a Master Wizard. He is a researcher specializing in Ayleid history. He authored the book Magic from the Sky.


Vahtacen's SecretEdit

Irlav sends the Hero to Vahtacen, to assist Skaleel with the research of an Ayleid pillar, that's affected by Destruction magic. After uncovering the Bloodworm Helm in the halls below it, the Hero brings the helm back to Irlav for study.

The Bloodworm HelmEdit

After Mannimarco addresses his presence in Cyrodiil, Irlav takes the Bloodworm Helm to Fort Teleman with a group of mages to study it, hoping to find a way to counter Mannimarco. Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven sends the Hero to Fort Teleman to ensure that Irlav returns the Bloodworm Helm to the Arcane University. Investigating the fort, the Hero finds Irlav dead and the Fort filled with Necromancers.


"Excuse me. I'm Irlav Jarol, a researcher for Arcane University. Ayleids are my specialty."

Imperial City "You know, of course, the Imperial Palace is Ayleid. White Gold Tower, they called it, back in the Middle Merethic, when the Aldmeri ruled Tamriel."
Vahtacen's Secret

"Here about Vahtacen, are you? It's a damned shame. I haven't been giving the project the attention it deserves. The last report I received from Skaleel indicated there was some sort of problem. A blocked passage, or something, that they couldn't get past. I'd investigate it further, but I'm needed here with the Council. Raminus says you've got a good head on your shoulders. Look into it for me, will you? You can find Skaleel at the site. Access is restricted, so you'll need this key."

Skaleel "She's the mage heading up the on-site research. She can tell you more about whatever it is that's impeding their progress."
Vahtacen "It's an Ayleid ruin, southwest of Cheydinhal. We suspect there are some interesting things inside, so a research project was established. Skaleel is there now, working on investigating the ruins."

"I eagerly await your return."

If approached again:

"Get yourself to Vahtacen, and see if you can help Skaleel with whatever is holding up her progress."

Upon returning with the Ancient Elven Helm:

"What's this? Some sort of Ayleid artifact? Well, well. Raminus was right in sending you out there. Good work. I'll be sure and put in a good word for you."

Vahtacen "Good work getting that straightened out. I'm glad someone finally came along that was able to make progress with it."


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