"When I was a young rascal, I broke a man's arm with a single punch. Course, I had a horseshoe hidden in my glove..."
―Irnskar Ironhand[src]


Irnskar Ironhand is a Nord warrior and the Housecarl of Bryling, who lives in Solitude.


He carries the key to Bryling's House in his inventory. If Bryling is killed, Irnskar becomes Thane, and will remark that he is a temporary replacement for a dead Thane.


A Few Words with YouEdit

Octieve San, an old Breton, owes him a substantial gambling debt. The Dragonborn has the option to relieve Octieve of his debt by speaking to Irnskar. If Melaran is killed, Irnskar will send the Dragonborn a letter thanking the Dragonborn for killing him.



Bryling: "What news have you heard from the war, Irnskar?"
Irnskar: "You won't like it, my lady."
Bryling: "I'm well aware that I won't like it. But it's my duty to keep my people safe. Tell me."
Irnskar: "Possession of the holds change on an almost daily basis, but I can report that Haafingar is still secure. Your people are safe."
Bryling: "I'm not just talking about my subjects. I'm talking about my people: the proud Nords of Skyrim."
Irnskar: "I told you you wouldn't like the news."

Irnskar: "My lady, I'm pleased to inform you that you have a new gown for court, specially tailored by madame Endarie."
Bryling: "Really? How did we afford that? Besides, I like the gown I already have."
Irnskar: "Madame Endarie insisted. She made it free of charge, in honor of your lenience about last month's rent discrepancies."
Bryling: "That was suspiciously nice of her. I thought she hated everyone."
Irnskar: "She does, my lady. But apparently, she hates you just a little less than the others."


  • "Unless we have specific business, I'm not interested."
  • "I think Bryling's the one you want to talk to. I'm mostly just here to scare away the riff raff."
  • "You don't want to talk to me. I'm just a stand-in for a dead Thane." -If Bryling is dead


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