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Iron Ore is an ore in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be crafted through a smelter into iron ingots, with one ore making one ingot.


Iron ore is used to make iron ingots at a smelter; from there, it can be used in creating and improving iron weapons and armor, as well as a number of materials in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire. Iron ore may be transmuted into silver ore using the Transmute Mineral Ore spell.

Iron Ore Veins[]

Iron Ore Veins may be mined with a pickaxe to obtain iron ore. Each vein has a chance to produce a precious gem. The veins reset once every thirty in-game days.


Iron Ore may be purchased from blacksmiths, or any merchant that sells miscellaneous goods.

They can also be found in the following locations:

  • Four iron ore in Halted Stream Camp, northwest of Whiterun – the first one can be found on the bandit chiefs table next to transmute ore, the next three are found on the shelf to the right of the table.

They can also be mined in the following locations:

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  • Sixteen veins in Halted Stream Camp, northwest of Whiterun.
  • Ten veins in Fort Fellhammer, south-southeast of Dawnstar.
  • Eight veins in Embershard Mine, southwest of Riverwood and one vein northwest from Embershard mine's exit, among rocks.
  • Seven ore pieces in Faldar's Tooth, which is east-northeast of Heartwood Mill. They are on a shelf next to a forge.
  • Six veins in Gloombound Mine, southeast of Windhelm.
  • Six veins in Iron-Breaker Mine, southeast in Dawnstar, near the smelter.
  • Six veins in Blind Cliff Cave, which is northeast of Markarth and southeast of Karthwasten. The first one can be found on the wall to the right in the narrow cave the next three can be found upon entering the large cavern, immediately to the right – two on the floor, one on the wall. Another is just up the first ramp, and another is just a few paces up.
  • Five veins in Left Hand Mine, just southeast of Markarth.
  • Five veins in Knifepoint Mine at Knifepoint Ridge (note that three veins are locked behind a door with a leveled lock).
  • Four veins in Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site, located in Markarth's Understone Keep.
  • Four veins in Rockwallow Mine, east of Morthal (located in Stonehills).
  • Three veins in Lost Knife Cave (Lost Knife Hideout), northeast of Ivarstead near Fort Amol.
  • Three veins in Northwind Mine, north of Northwind Summit (appears to be right next to the Summit on the map) and northwest of Shor's Stone.
  • Three ore veins near Evergreen Grove, which is located north-northwest of Falkreath, west of the Falkreath Watchtower. The first vein is to the north – from where the alchemist lies dead, head west past the dirt ledges and then turn right up the slope, the vein is against a huge rock cropping. The other two veins can be found by going in different directions from the same starting point – the dragon mound that is very near the pond. First, head south-southeast down the slope until reaching a large, flat rock jutting out of the side of the hill; the vein is just underneath this rock. Then, return to the mound and this time head southwest right up to another giant rock cropping, from there turn right and walk a few paces forward; the vein will be next to the rock ledge on the right-hand side.
  • Two veins in Movarth's Lair, which is located northeast of Morthal.
  • Two veins in Whistling Mine, southeast of Winterhold.
  • Two veins southwest of Sarethi Farm, which is west-southwest of the Rift Watchtower and directly north of Treva's Watch.
  • Two veins in Bleak Falls Barrow, located up the northbound path from Secunda's Kiss.
  • Two veins below the tower of the Riverwood Folly, which is an unmarked location south-southeast of Bleak Falls Barrow.
  • Two veins on an island north from Ysgramor's Tomb, which is located northwest of Winterhold.
  • Two veins outside Purewater Run, which is located west of Dushnikh Yal – one vein is just east of the cave, the other is a ways south down the hill.
  • Two veins behind the entrance to Geirmund's Hall, which is east of Ivarstead, on the island in the middle of Lake Geir, between several trees.
  • Two veins slightly east of Secunda's Kiss, which is located southwest of Whiterun. They are quite a ways up the mountain, so follow the pathway leading up to Bleak Falls Barrow past the second turn until two snowy trees stand a few feet away and a snowberry bush is seen on the right-hand side. A flat ledge overlooking Secunda's Kiss is just past the pair of trees and the bush – this is where the ore veins are. A frost troll often spawns here.
  • Two veins above the road leading to the southeast corner of the game world. From Stendarr's Beacon, head down the hill across the path and head back up another hill on the other side. Upon reaching a bloody path, turn left (north) and walk straight ahead until the ore veins are found.
  • Two veins in Broken Oar Grotto, located west of the Solitude Lighthouse and Brinewater Grotto; one on the path along the wall to the right after ascending the ramps seen upon entering the grotto, and one to the left of the bridge leading to the large wooden structure.
  • Two veins along the base of the rock wall just south of Duskglow Crevice, which is located northwest of Silverdrift Lair and southeast of Dawnstar.
  • Two veins in Mzinchaleft, a Dwemer ruin located southeast of Dawnstar and north of Frostmere Crypt.
  • Two veins in Saarthal, which is located southwest of Winterhold, west of the Shrine of Azura, and north of Mount Anthor.
  • Two near Ysgramor's Tomb – one directly to the west, on the sand, and one a short ways northeast, past a cropping of rocks.
  • Two veins in between Falkreath and Roadside Ruins. To find them, go to the cemetery behind Falkreath's Hall of the Dead. From there, head up a small, steep hill to the right and then go a ways left. The veins are by a small ledge.
  • Two veins near The Shadow Stone, which stands south of Riften and Nightingale Hall. The first is just southwest of the Stone, next to some rocks, and the other is at the bottom of the small rocky cliff west of the Stone and east of Snow-Shod Farm.
  • Two veins in the cave section of Avanchnzel, which is located west-southwest of Riften and northwest of Largashbur. The first vein is to the left of the downward slope, on the upper ledge. The second is in the third cavern of the cave from the entrance – head through the passage after the downward slope, and the vein is to the right.
  • One vein north of Blizzard Rest, which is located north of Whiterun and south of Dawnstar.
  • One vein in Ustengrav Depths. After descending a few flights of stairs upon entering the Depths, just before coming to a flame spout trap, the ore vein rests to the right, along the southern wall of a ledge that overlooks the main chamber.
  • One vein a few feet west of the entrance to Ustengrav, which is located northeast of Morthal.
  • One vein south of Movarth's Lair, up the small hill where the entrance to the cave sits.
  • One vein in White River Watch, which is located east of Whiterun, on the road past Honningbrew Meadery. The vein is above the cage holding the wolf.
  • One vein in Tolvald's Cave, which is located southeast of Ansilvund and east of Shor's Watchtower. The vein is just past the small bandit camp in the first room.
  • One vein west of Lost Tongue Overlook, which is a Dragon Lair south of The Shadow Stone. It is against the rocky cliff at a landing in the winding staircase that leads up to the dragon and the word wall.
  • One vein east of Lost Tongue Overlook, down the cliff and hidden in the rocks.
  • One vein north of Snow-Shod Farm, which is west of The Shadow Stone. The vein is located on a small island southeast of the Goldenglow Estate.
  • One vein northeast of Heartwood Mill, which is west of Faldar's Tooth and east of Angarvunde. To find the vein, cross the bridge that heads east and turn left on the other side. The vein is hidden among the rocks just behind two small, orange-leaved trees.
  • One vein outside Ansilvund, which is located just east of Cragslane Cavern and northeast of Shor's Stone. The vein is just a few steps behind the cooking spit where a leveled mage will be found.
  • One vein just across the small lake next to Lost Knife Cave.
  • One vein in Swindler's Den, which is west of Whiterun and east of Rorikstead. The vein is just past the Alik'r hideout, in the tunnel at the foot of the dirt path leading up.
  • One vein west of Riverwood, across the river, a little south of Anise's Cabin.
  • One vein in Half-Moon Mill, north of Falkreath. The vein is just to the north of the house.
  • One vein northwest of Narzulbur, an Orc Stronghold southeast of Windhelm. The vein is just behind some rocks.
  • One vein southeast of Cragwallow Slope, which is located south of Narzulbur. The vein is just up the hill among a pile of rocks.
  • One vein south of Traitor's Post, which is east of Hollyfrost Farm. The vein is up a large cliff, so follow the path that leads southwest up toward the Sacellum of Boethiah. This path can be found by heading east up the stone road, it is on the right side just before the broken-down unmarked tower that is home to two frost trolls.
  • One vein southeast of Riverside Shack, which is south of Windhelm. The vein is located just up the rocky hill.
  • One vein north of Eldergleam Sanctuary, which is southwest of Bonestrewn Crest and north of Darkwater Crossing.
  • One vein in Rebel's Cairn, which is northwest of Bleakwind Bluff and southeast of Sundered Towers. To find the vein, turn right upon entering the cave. It is just behind a pillar, tucked under a small ledge.
  • One vein southwest of Rorikstead.
  • One vein north of Rorikstead.
  • One vein near South Cold Rock Pass, just to the right of the cave entrance.
  • One vein in Greywater Grotto, which is south of Helgen. The vein is to the right of the small waterfall.
  • One vein at Anga's Mill, which is located west of Windhelm. The vein is directly south, across the river, in the snow next to a round rock.
  • One vein directly across from the entrance to Forsaken Cave, which is located northeast of Nightgate Inn and west-southwest of Fort Kastav, near Yorgrim Overlook. From another approach, it can be found by walking just east from the rocky path, tucked next to a cropping of rocks.
  • One vein near the top of the entrance to Hob's Fall Cave, which is located west of Saarthal and south of The Tower Stone. It appears right next to Frostflow Lighthouse on the map. Upon finding the rocky crop above the entrance to the cave, turn left up the small slope. The ore vein is on the ground next to a large rock.
  • One vein on the island with The Lady Stone, which is located east of Half-Moon Mill and south of Ilinalta's Deep.
  • One vein southwest of Reachwind Eyrie, which is located north-northeast of Dushnikh Yal and southeast of Markarth.
  • One vein by the entrance of Reachwater Rock, which is located north of Reachwind Eyrie and southeast of Markarth.
  • One vein on the rock wall outside of the northern tower of the Valtheim Towers, which is located north of Guldun Rock and east of Whiterun.
  • One vein between Darkwater Crossing and Eldergleam Sanctuary, amongst the sulfur pools to the east.
  • One vein by some rocks along the wall outside of Whiterun. Go east along the south wall from the main entrance, the vein is at the base of second wooden guard tower.
  • One vein directly northeast of Mixwater Mill, which is southwest of Windhelm and south of Mara's Eye Pond. The vein is just off the path and up the hill.
  • One vein in the frozen section of Bloodlet Throne, which is located south of Ancient's Ascent and east-southeast of Falkreath. Upon entering, descend the stairs and turn left. Behind the player is a tunnel leading to another room which leads to this frozen area.
  • One vein in Brood Cavern, which is southwest of Morthal. The vein is just behind the dead deer. Another can be found just east of the cave's entrance.
  • One vein at Hunter's Camp: The Guardian Stones, which is an unmarked location. To find it, head west to the river's edge from the guardian stones. The camp consists of a boat, one hunter, and one tent.
  • One vein just east of Stillborn Cave, which is north of Windhelm.
  • One vein on the mountain just south of Cragslane Cavern, which is north of Shor's Stone and west of Ansilvund.
  • One vein up and to the east of the entrance to of Lakeview Manor, which is a house that can be built with the Hearthfire add-on. It is just north of Pinewatch and east of Shriekwind Bastion.
  • One vein at Bonestrewn Crest, south of Windhelm. The third word (freeze) for the Frost Breath shout is also found there.
  • One vein just north of Gallows Rock, southwest of Windhelm.
  • One vein between Battle-Born Farm and Chillfurrow Farm, both are east of Whiterun.
  • One vein just north of Whiterun, behind Dragonsreach (outside the city walls).
  • One vein across from the Windhelm Docks.
  • One vein just east of Darkshade, which is a cave east of Valtheim Towers, down the waterfall along the White River. The vein is on the same side of the river as the cave.
  • One vein to the left of Ravenscar Hollow, which is located northwest of Solitude.
  • One vein slightly east of Orphan's Tear, near a boat located northwest of Fort Hraggstad and west of Widow's Watch Ruins.
  • One vein at the waterfront at Bleakcoast Cave, which is located east-southeast of Winterhold and north of Snow Veil Sanctum.
  • One vein to the left of the road that leads to Dayspring Canyon, an unmarked location that serves as the home of Fort Dawnguard.
  • One vein at the base of the path leading up to the Statue to Meridia, which is located north of Dragon Bridge and the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp. The vein is on the ground between two pine trees, to the west of the stone arch marking the beginning of the path.
  • One vein on the big island just northeast of The Apprentice Stone, which is located northwest of Morthal and south of Solitude.
  • One vein just north of Roadside Ruins, which is a small ruin located north-northwest of Falkreath and west of Shriekwind Bastion. The vein is on the side of a small ledge.
  • One vein just outside the Falkreath Watchtower, which is located just west of Shriekwind Bastion and north of Falkreath. The vein is to the left of the entrance.
  • One vein in Cronvangr Cave, which is south-southwest of Windhelm and directly east of Mixwater Mill. The vein is in one of the first two chambers.
  • One vein northwest of the Serpent Stone, which stands north of Windhelm and east of Winterhold. The vein is near an invisible wall.
  • One vein in Crystaldrift Cave, which is located west of Lost Tongue Overlook, northeast of the Ruins of Rkund, and a ways south of Riften. The vein is right next to an alcove with a shallow puddle of water.
  • One vein in Glenmoril Coven, which is located northwest of Falkreath and southwest of Whiterun. It is near the Falkreath Imperial Camp. To find the vein, go up the slope to the upper level of the cave and then down the large cavern opening that is closest to the slope on the right (west) side of the cave. If one heads up the right (west) slope, the cavern opening will be on their left. If one heads up the left (east) slope, it will be across the wooden planks and straight ahead. This opening, as opposed to the other opening on the upper area (along the north wall), is decorated by two lit sconces. Head into the cavern, the ore vein is just around the corner (which is decorated with yet another sconce), to the left. One should see it when turning this corner, though it is rather dark.
  • One vein near the Shrine of Talos Massacre, an unmarked location. To find it, head east uphill from The Guardian Stones following the winding cobble path. Eventually, the path will split in two – go right (southwest) past a felled tree on the right. Straight ahead is a stepped path leading up to a rocky promontory upon which stands a Shrine of Talos. The vein is against the rocks of the ledge on the far (west) side. Alternatively, one can head west a few paces from Anise's Cabin and then turn left and swim across the lake from the rocky shore. Then, head left up the cobble path past what appears to be pieces of a Nordic structure and immediately turn right up the hill and walk until the vein is found.
  • One vein in Southfringe Sanctum, which is south of Fort Neugrad. The vein is in the large cavern near the table with the weapons and materials.
  • One vein northeast uphill directly from the Thalmor Embassy.
  • One vein near Pinefrost Tower, which is north of Rimerock Burrow and a ways northwest of Solitude. To find it, follow the cobble path leading west, and after heading downhill turn right and go down the snowy path leading north. Near the shore on the right-hand side, against the rocks of the mountain, is the vein.
  • One vein near Karthspire Camp, which is west of Soljund's Sinkhole and east of Markarth. To find it, exit the camp via the westward ramp that leads into the river (it is on the opposite end of the camp from the hagraven). Cross the river; the vein is on the bank next to the rocks.
  • One vein in the Karthspire, which is next to Karthspire Camp. The vein is in the big cavern with the juniper bushes next to the stairs on the right-hand side.
  • One vein near Harmugstahl, which is east of Dragontooth Crater and north of Karthwasten. To find it, turn north from the front steps of Harmugstahl and head toward a dwarven arch by the waterfall. The vein is on the ground in front of the arch.
  • One vein at Red Eagle Redoubt, which is east of Markarth and south of Karthwasten. The vein is at the camp that is southwards up the hill from the cave, just west-southwest of the campfire.
  • One vein at Dwemer Ruins: Karth River Confluence, which is an unmarked location west of Liar's Retreat on the river bank (past the Reach Stormcloak Camp, if it is there). The vein is just east of the crumbled altar, among a cropping of rocks.
  • One vein near Valthume, which is east of Arkngthamz and southeast of Markarth. To find it, follow the path north from Valthume – it will turn up west and then north again. Just before heading back downhill, turn right past a couple of juniper bushes. The vein is there.
  • Two ore pieces in Baldor Iron-Shaper's House in the Skaal Village on Solstheim. They are in a tray on the upper level of the house.
  • One vein in Bleak Falls Temple, next to skeleton, near underground waterway.
  • One vein in Moss Mother Cavern on the ledge just to the left of the fallen tree that acts as a small bridge between ledges.
  • One vein southwest of Kagrenzel, roughly halfway along multiple outdoor sets of stairs, besides a rock face.


Source Weight WeightIcon.png Gold Gold Ingot Weight WeightIcon.png Gold Gold
Iron Ore 1 2 Iron Ingot 1 7
Iron Ore, Corundum Ore 2 22 Steel Ingot 1 20