Not to be confused with Isabeau Jend.
"You MUST have a fast horse! Travel quickly to ruined forts and caves nearby! It will pay for itself in precious time saved!"
―Isabeau Bienne[src]

Isabeau Bienne quote

Isabeau Bienne is a Breton ostler who sells Bay Horses at the Bay Roan Stables outside Bravil.


Isabeau will spend be at the stables during the daytime, and will sell one of her horses for 1000 GoldIcon at any time during this period. Once a horse is purchased, she will have Antoine Branck put a saddle on the horse and make it ready for the Hero.

Her day starts at 6am when she wakes up. She will unlock her door at 8am, and will keep it unlocked until 8pm. During this time she will be awake and ready to do business, even during lunch. After closing and eating dinner, she will go to bed at 10pm.


  • "This is the Bay Roan Stables. Are you interested in a horse?"
  • "We have some of the best bay horses in Cyrodiil. They are hardier than the Chestnut and faster than the Paint horses." —When asked about a horse.
  • "How unfortunate. Don't be a stranger. We have a fine selection of Bay horses if you change your mind." —If a horse is not purchased
  • "Excellent! Go out to the corral. Antoine will have your new Bay saddled and ready for you." —After selling a horse.


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