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The Isle of Balfiera, also known as Balfiera Island, is an island region in the Iliac Bay. It has been used for centuries as a neutral meeting place for diplomatic negotiations and treaty signings by the kingdoms of High Rock. It consists of six islands, one is uninhabited. It is also famous for the enigmatic structure known as Direnni Tower, a circular tower soaring hundreds of feet into the air.

The traditional ruler of the island is known as the Castellan of Balfiera, perhaps reflecting his original role as commander of Direnni Tower, which was used as a fortress, palace, and prison by the infamous Direnni Hegemony. Even more curiously, the hereditary Castellans are High Elves, the only known Elven ruling family remaining in human lands. The Castellans continue to reside in the Tower, though its true provenance and purpose remains a mystery.


A recent archaeological study, using the newer techniques of divination and sorcery of the Third Era, has pushed the Tower's construction date back to around ME 2500, making it by far the oldest structure in Tamriel. Although it has been much modified and added onto over the years, its core is a smooth cylinder. The Tower is believed to extend at least as far beneath the surface as is now visible above, although its deepest bowels have never been systematically explored.[source?]

Following the take-over of Bisnensel by High Priest Uluscant in 1E 460, Ayleid King Laloriaran Dynar and his family fled to the island, where they were given sanctuary by the Direnni. He later became a tactician and strategist to the Direnni, and with his services Hoag Merkiller was defeated, and the Battle of Glenumbra Moors was won.[1]

In 1E 2200, when the Thrassian Plague killed half of Tamriel's population, the island was used as a refuge for nobility from Daggerfall, Sentinel, and Wayrest.[2]

Shortly before the Warp in the West, the Hero of Daggerfall came to the isle in 3E 405, and rescued Medora Direnni from the Adamantine Tower. They then managed to lift the curse put on the tower of Nulfaga.[3]



  • The isle appears in The Elder Scrolls Online as part of Glenumbra, however, passage to the isle is blocked by Slaughterfish in Iliac Bay. If one does manage to get past them, the isle is free to roam. The surface is very odd and hard to navigate, and the Direnni Tower does appear, though cannot be entered.



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