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Not to be confused with Festival of Madness.

Isle of Madness is a story expansion in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that was released on January 24th, 2019 for the PC, mobile and tablet devices.[1][2] The expansion could be pre-ordered for USD/EUR $/€19.99 or with all premium cards for USD/EUR $/€49.99 starting January 11, 2019. It includes 55 new cards based on the lore about Sheogorath and his plane.[2]


"Over the course of three acts, Isle of Madness whisks players off to the Shivering Isles, where nothing is what it seems at first and no one can be trusted – least of all the Daedric Prince of Madness himself."[2]


Nagh: "Apologies, Kellen. Nagh was sure he saw water this way."
Kellen: "(sigh) Not to worry. We should have enough to last until we reach the city."
Nagh: "A long ride, that promises to be. Nagh would have a story to forget the heat."
Kellen: "But of course. Indeed, you have just reminded me of one. I saw it not in the scrolls, but in a journal, many years ago. I shall try my best to recall it in the writer's own words."
Talym: "My name is Talym Rend. This is my confession... and my warning."
Talym: "Once I was one of the Empire's most cunning spies."
Talym: "But I left that life behind when my son, Novos, was stricken with a terrible madness. I sought help from the Temple, from outlander healers, and even Ashland mystics. None could help him."
Talym: "So I set out to make a bargain."
Talym: "In Morrowind it is death to commune with Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of madness. They say he is a corner of the House of Troubles. But to save my boy, I would commune with any devil you could name."
Talym: "And so it was that I sought the fabled land of madness -- a place they call the Shivering Isles. And, gods help me, I found it."


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"A Double Card is two cards in one. When you draw a Double card, it splits into two cards. You can then use those cards independently of each other. Double Cards are added to your deck with a cost equal to the cost of both cards combined."
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