For the location in Oblivion, see Fort Istirus.
"Built late in the Second Empire to control the chronic pirate problem on the Strid River, since the outbreak of the Three Banners War the Istirus Outpost has become a forgotten relic, its dwindling resources fought over by all sides."
―Istirus Outpost Loading Screen[src]

Istirus Outpost is an arena for Battlegrounds that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online, as of Update 19 with the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter. Istirus Outpost was built in response to the rise of Fortunata ap Dugal in the Gold Coast.[1]


Istirus Outpost is located in the Colovian Highlands, near Skingrad. Istirus Outpost will be the first battleground to include mounts, for a more fast-paced experience, benefitting the stamina PvP players. Istirus is semi-symmetrical, meaning it requires a base memorization of the map to ensure victory.[1]




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