Istlod served as High King of Skyrim during the Great War in 4E 171. He also was the father of future High King, Torygg.

He ruled for almost 25 years and was considered instrumental in keeping the province together during the conflict.[1] In addition to High King, he also served as the Jarl of Solitude and lived in the Blue Palace, as was the custom.[2]

Sybille Stentor, his vampiric Court Wizard served him, caring for his son, and has been with the family ever since.[1] Upon his death, a moot was called to name his heir, Torygg, as the new High King.[1]

When asked about Torygg's rule as king, Ulfric Stormcloak reveals: "He was a puppet-king of the Empire, not a High King of Skyrim. His father before him perhaps, but not Torygg."



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