Iszara is a Redguard and Cyrus' older sister.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Iszara was born in Sentinel and was the older sister of Cyrus. In 2E 852 she attended a play with her brother, which featured the actor Hakan. Hakan and Izsara soon fell in love and married later the same year. Izsara told Cyrus that Hakan was a wonderful husband, but at times he was often away busy with political matters or training with the Forebears.

In 2E 854, her father wrote a play in the night about the ancient Ra Gada from Yokuda defeating the Orcs of Hammerfell to claim the land for their High King. This play was an attempt to solve the conflict between the two factions. The play was a huge success, and a celebration party was held in a local tavern after it finished where both Crowns and Forebears attended in equal numbers.

Hakan was not impressed by this play, and in his drunken state, Hakan challenged the also drunken Cyrus in sword combat. Iszara pleaded Hakan to stop, to which he responded Iszara with a slap to the face. They fought and Cyrus emerged the victor, lunging a blow right in Hakan's chest. Following that event Cyrus ran away, leaving Iszara heartbroken.

Disappearance[edit | edit source]

In 2E 864, Cyrus met with S'rathra in Wayrest where he is given a letter written by his old friend, Tobias. The letter states that no one had seen Iszara in three months, giving Cyrus incentive to travel to Stros M'kai, where she was last seen, to find her.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Saving Iszara

Iszara: "Where am I?"
Cyrus: "You are safe, Iszara."
Iszara: "Is it you?"
Cyrus: "I'm afraid so."
Iszara: "Where is N'Gasta? Is he dead? Where is the soulgem?"
Cyrus: "Iszara, I"
Iszara: "I,I have to get back to the League."
Cyrus: "But"
Iszara: "What have I done?"
Cyrus: "Iszara"
Iszara: "Are you coming or not?"
(Aboard Yaeli's ship)
Yaeli: "Caught up already, have you?"
Cyrus: "Shut up."
(Cyrus moves to Iszara)
Cyrus: "Iszara...."
Iszara: "Do you plan to stay this time?"
Cyrus: "Yes."
Iszara: "Because you could run again."
Cyrus: "Yes."
Iszara: "It wasn't your war then."
Cyrus: "No."
Iszara: "And it's not your war now."
Cyrus: "No."
Iszara: "And if you expect anything more than that right now you can go to hell."
(At the League hideout)
Basil: "That's just great, Iszara."
Iszara: "Don't give me that. Even if we still had the soulgem we'd be in the same place. You'd still be hiding in this cave and Richton still be in our prince's Palace."
Basil: "There's a difference between hiding from the Empire and biding, our, time."
Iszara: "We're losing time."
Basil: "You lost the soulgem what now, girl?"
Cyrus: "I know where it is."
Basil: "Yeah, huh?"
Cyrus: "Richton has the soulgen."
Basil: "You've seen him with it?"
Cyrus: "I gave it to him."
Iszara: "How could..."
Cyrus: "I didn't know what it was the necromancer had it fashioned into an amulet, a gift for the Governor. He needed someone to deliver it. I did, thinking I could somehow get to you."
Basil: "My heart just broke. Yours, too?"
Vander: "A million pieces."
Cyrus: "We'll just have to get it back."
Basil: "We'll be killed as soon as we step onto the shore."
Iszara: "Cyrus is right."
Cyrus: "What's the point of being condemned as rebels in arms if we never take up those arms against the Empire?"
Basil: "We?"
Cyrus: "I tell you, Basil, and hear me well. Whether you like it or not, I'm in this now, until the end."
Basil: "I'm not sending my men to Stros M'kai, soulgem lost or no. Hammerfell needs us alive."
Cyrus: "What good are you, Basil, if you do nothing? Are you afraid of shedding a little blood?"
Iszara: "Here it comes."
Basil: "You speak grandly of spending blood that is not your own, Cyrus. As for the League, we do what we can, even in hiding. We're pirates, man, the purest form of sedition- to thieve, snare, slit the throat unbeheld- the ever-resident thorns, keeping all sides at guard, alleviating every inertia with our own. Our raids force the Emperor to garrison Stros M'kai, and tie up ships and men here. And our piracy hits Richton where it counts... In his gold purse. If he doesn't squeeze this province for the profits the Emperor demands, his head will roll."
Cyrus: "Don't forget the dragon, Basil. Because that's the thing you relaly fear, isn't it? The Battle of Stros M'kai hung in the balance until the Governor called in his dragon, right?"
Basil: "Well, there's that, too."
Cyrus: "I'll take care of the dragon."
Basil: "Big man."
Vander: "Can I feel your muscle?"
Iszara: "Richton probably has the dragon guarding the soulgem in the Palace treasure vaults."
Cyrus: "Where are they?"
Iszara: "You can enter them through the catacombs, but you need the key."
(Iszara hands Cyrus the key)
Cyrus: "Where'd you get this?"
Basil: "The prince and your sister were good friends, Cyrus. The treasure vaults were to be her jewelry chamber."
Cyrus: "I've had enough of your chatter, Basil I'm going to find the gem and then I'll find somebody who'll bring the prince back when that's done, should I tell him to expect your aid or not?"
Basil: "I expect you'll have just as much success as your sister had, Cyrus. You can hardly do any worse."
Iszara: "I'll go with you."
Cyrus: "You're too weak, still. Look, I've done well enough to this point. I can finish this. For you."
Iszara: "For Hammerfell."
Cyrus: "Fine. For Hammerfell. When I have the soulgem and somebody that can break its magic, what should I do?"
Iszara: "Send us the signal and we'll meet at the Temple. Brother Nidal has A'Tor's body hidden there."
Basil: "Redguard. When you have the prince, you have his men."
(On the boatride back to Stros M'kai)
Iszara: "I should help you."
Cyrus: "You're too well known on the island. The Imperials"
Iszara: "I could handle them."
Cyrus: "And you will after the Temple. I won't fail you. Not like last time."
Iszara: "Look. Let's get this straight. You murdered my husband, and ran away. One one day you robbed me of the two people I loved and trusted most in all the world. Hakan was not much of a husband, but you were not, and are not, fit to judge him. Nor am I fit to judge you. You're guilty of gods-know how many crimes and cruelties, not the least of all what you've done to your own flesh and blood. But... whatever harm you've done to me, I forgive you. You are my blood, and younger brother, and I can do no less. But if you trifle with the affairs of the League, and with the fate of Hammerfell and her people, then run away like you did last time, I will find you. You are a charming, vain, self-absorbed child, never thinking of anyone but yourself and your own profit... But if you take up this thing, you will see it through to the end... or I will kill you."
Cyrus: "I am going to find that soulgem. And I will get your prince back. Iszara. I know what you think of me. I'm not proud of what I've been. But something... is happening here, and I...I don't really know what I'm saying, but...."
Iszara: "Then don't say anything. I'm not interested in your words, Cyrus. It's enough to have you here. I just have to believe you'll stay when I need you."
Cyrus: "I will finish this."

Show: Resurrecting Prince A'Tor

Saban: "Tro dura-hi. Go Tuwhacca. Nogo Tuwhacca. Shami. Shami. Go kukri. Nogoh. Ngaro. Tuktura. Nogoh. Shami. Shami. Shami. Shami. Go kukri nogoh. Ngaro. Tuktura nogo go Tuwhacca. Nogo Tuwhacca. Shami. Beteki matana,sura."
Coyle: "The soulgem."
(Cyrus shows the soulgem, Saban takes it)
Saban: "Tro dura-hi, sura."
Coyle: "The ring."
(Cyrus gives the ring, Saban uses the soul gem)
Saban: "To-trang no mo."
Basil: "What is it? Did it work?"
Saban: "A'Tor no mangai, sura."
Coyle: "I'm sorry, Cyrus."
Basil: "What's wrong? What happened? What did you do wrong?"
Coyle: "It didn't work."
Basil: "What now, Redguard?"
(Basil hits the coffin, a bright light appears)
Cyrus: "The sword..."
Saban: "Uta-teni."
Cyrus: "His soul is in the sword."
Coyle: "Mother...?"
Cyrus: "How did this happen...?"
Saban: "Tuktu naredi."
Coyle: "She doesn't know. It was"
Basil: "Who cares how it happened? It's over, Cyrus. We can't follow a sword. You've failed us. We are through."
(Cyrus takes up the Soul Sword)
Cyrus: "Is this how you will honor your prince then? Cautious I've thought you, Basil, but never before a coward. We all have waited for the prince's return. Now that he has returned, you walk away. The form is different, true, but his spirit is here, here. And isn't his spirit the truest part of him? Did it occur that maybe he chose this shape and symbol as the sign of his intentions? Aye, perhaps that soul, in hated delay, snared helpless in a jewel while his men hid and shirked their duties his duty, perhaps that soul honed itself to this and by mistake comes to you now in no more fine and final form as this a sword. You say you cannot follow a sword well, I say that you have strayed from your own too long why are you here but to fight your prince has shown you the manner of his purest mette, aye in metal itself and this true unerring razor's message is clear beyond words for now's not the time for words, but for brave hands, bright swords, and blood. Aye, boys, it's about blood now too long frozen in your veins and you'd rather yourself be rigid than follow me. Well, if you won't, then shamefully know that your prince will. For his blood be solid, too, but straightened to steel and tempered in death rise alike as he as swords as we are Crowns alike as he the prince is dead long live the prince"
(Cyrus is cheered on)
Basil: "What shall we do?"
Cyrus: "You shall secure the harbor, we can't have any more of them coming in. Once that's done, take it to the Imperials still left on the water. When they see the harbor is ours again they will make sail for the mainland."
Iszara: "What about you?"
Cyrus: "I'm going into the Palace to kill the Governor."
Iszara: "You can't do that alone. How will you get in?"
Cyrus: "I won't be alone. And the prince shares secrets."
Coyle: "Let me come with you, Cyrus."
Iszara: "And you aren't going without me."
Cyrus: "No,you help Basil and the League take the harbor. If we storm the Palace Richton and his men will dig in. It has to end now. With the League running amok in the water, the Palace will be near empty as they try and stop you. I'll reach Richton easy and remind him whose seat is the throne of Stros M'Kai."
Iszara: "They will hear of this in the rest of Hammerfell."
(Cyrus hands Iszara his saber)
Cyrus: "Then let's make sure it's loud."

Show: Attack on the Palace

Crown Guard: "The Old Quarter should be restored in time for the celebrations, milady."
Iszara: "Make sure Captain Basil has all the men he needs."
Cyrus: "You know I have to leave soon."
Iszara: "Can't you at least stay for the celebrations? They are because of you, after all. Baron Volag came out of hiding to retake Sentinel after he heard of our own uprising. Both he and the Emperor are coming here to work out the treaties."
Cyrus: "The Emperor is coming here?"
Iszara: "We've had two bloody wars in as many years, Cyrus. An accord must be struck with the Empire but at least now we will be respected allies, if all goes well, instead of exploited subjects. A'Tor guides me in this."
Cyrus: "I've never been much for politics."
Iszara: "I forgive you anyway. I can do no less."

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