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In The Elder Scrolls Online, there are a number of item sets. Wearing enough items of the set grants certain bonuses, depending on the set.

There are number of different types of item sets. The main type are craftable sets. Of the other sets, they can be broken down as follows:

Item SetsEdit

Arena SetsEdit

Main article: Arena Sets

Dragonstar Arena:

Maelstrom Arena: OR

Craftable SetsEdit

Main article: Craftable Sets

2-Trait Sets:

3-Trait Sets:

4-Trait Sets:

5-Trait Sets:

6-Trait Sets:

8-Trait Sets:

9-Trait Sets:

DLC SetsEdit

Imperial City:


Thieves Guild:

Dark Brotherhood:

Cyrodiil SetsEdit

Main article: Cyrodiil Sets

Alliance Point SetsEdit

The following items can be bought using Alliance Points, or earned through completing quests at the relevant Cyrodiil town (e.g. the Arch Mage Set from completing quests in Cropsford).

Elite Vendor SetsEdit

The following sets can only be bought from elite vendors. (Note that in the Blackwater Blade campaign, these items can be regularly obtained through the Rewards of the Worthy)confirmation needed

Tel Var SetsEdit

The following sets can only be obtained through using Tel Var Stones. IC

Dungeon SetsEdit

Main article: Dungeon Sets

Arx Corinium:

Banished Cells:

Blackheart Haven:

Blessed Crucible

City of Ash:


Crypt of Hearts:

Darkshade Caverns:

Direfrost Keep:

Elden Hollow:

Fungal Grotto:

Selene's Web:


Tempest Island:

Vaults of Madness:


Wayrest Sewers:

DLC DungeonsEdit

Cradle of Shadows:

Imperial City Prison:

Ruins of Mazzatun:

White-Gold Tower (Online):


Monster Helm SetsEdit

Main article: Monster Helm Sets

Overland SetsEdit

Main article: Overland Sets

Starter Zones: (Bleakrock/Bal Foyen/Stros M'Kai/Betnikh/Khenarth's Roost) – all weights

Alik'r Desert:









Malabal Tor:

Reaper's March:





The Rift:

DLC ZonesEdit

Hew's Bane TG:

Gold Coast DB:

Wrothgar OR:

Summerset SM:

Trial SetsEdit

Main article: Trial Sets

Craglorn: (Can drop from any Trial in Craglorn)

Aetherian Archive:

Hel Ra Citadel:

Sanctum Ophidia:

Maw of Lorkhaj TG


Other SetsEdit

Arena WeaponsEdit

Included here as they award set-like enchantments (e.g. the Master's Bow increases both Weapon Damage and Maximum Stamina).

Maelstrom Arena weapons:

  • [?]

Dragonstar Arena weapons:

Blackrose Prison weapons:

  • [?]
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