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Items in The Elder Scrolls Online, are objects that, once collected, are added to the Vestige's inventory. Upon collection, items are sorted into specific categories, to help organize them and distinguish them from others.

Item typesEdit


Items that can be sold to Merchants for gold. The description for these items says "sell to a merchant for gold."

  1. Ash - Burnt crates and barrels; urns
  2. Carapace - From bug and chitinous creatures (e.g. Mudcrab, Wasps.
  3. Charcoal - Burnt crates and barrels
  4. Daedra Husk - "lesser Daedra" (Banekin, Clannfear, Scamp, etc.)
  5. Dwarven Gear - Dwemer Constructs
  6. Ectoplasm - Ghosts, Wraiths
  7. Elemental Essence - Atronachs (Flame, Fire, Frost, Flesh)
  8. Foul Hide (Hostile beasts such as Bears and Wolves
  9. Gnawed Bone - Urns
  10. Membrane - Netches
  11. Supple Root - Spriggans, Lurchers, Stranglers
  12. Vampire Dust - Vampires
  13. Vampire Fang - Vampires

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