Itermerel is an Altmer mage. Although Itermerel is a member of the Mages Guild, and lives in Balmora, he does not reside in the Mages Guild hall. Instead, he lives at Eight Plates, and, after his quest, can be found in Pelagiad.


Escort ItermerelEdit

Ranis Athrys from the Mages Guild asks for the retrieval of Itermerel's Notes. After finding Itermerel in the Eight Plates inn, the Nerevarine can either escort him to Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad, steal his notes, or kill him and loot them from his body.




Escort Itermerel

"Are you here to guide me to Pelagiad? Just tell me if you want to travel together."

travel together "Do you want me to follow you?"
Follow me. "Lead the way to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Wait here. "I will wait for you here."
Itermerel's notes "It is refreshing to see a young Dark Elf (Race) with an interest in scholarship, but I can't give my notes to just anyone. Perhaps after I arrive in Pelagiad."

Upon arriving in Pelagiad:

"Thank you for taking me to Pelagiad. You are an excellent guide."

travel together "I have no interest in seeing the rest of Vvardenfell, but I appreciate your offer."
Itermerel's notes "You have been very gracious to escort me to Pelagiad, and you show great promise for a Magician. I have never met anyone with such enthusiasm for my research. Take this copy of my notes as a sign of my gratitude."


  • While his quest is active, he can be used as a very useful and quite powerful companion so long as his notes are not turned in to Ranis, which would cause him to disappear no matter where he is.


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