"A short stay in our lovely Imperial Prison should cool your enthusiasm for a life of crime. The drunk tank in particular has a unique aroma."
―Itius Hayn[src]

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Itius Hayn is a Guard Captain in the Imperial City. He is known to be "loyal, but not too bright"[1] by his superiors, and has a strong sense of law and duty. He plays a role in the quest "Imperial Corruption."


Itius can be found patrolling the Elven Gardens District in the morning and the Talos Plaza District in the afternoon. When he is not working, he can be found at The Foaming Flask or his chambers at the Northwest Watch Tower.


Imperial CorruptionEdit

Itius is the only captain who is willing to help stop Audens Avidius from exploiting people and stealing from them. He will state he can only do so if the law is on his side and two citizens come forward to press charges.

The only two willing to do so are Luronk gro-Glurzog and Ruslan, seeing as Jensine doesn't want to get involved. Once they come forward, Itius will track Audens down and arrest him.


Imperial Corruption

"Can I help you Citizen?"

Corrupt Imperial Watchman "Why should I trust your word? You'll have to do better than this to persuade me to take action against one of the other Watch Captains."
Corrupt Imperial Watchman (At a high disposition) "These are very serious charges. If you can get two witnesses to testify against Audens Avidius, I'll arrest him. Otherwise I can't help you."

"I hope your witnesses are willing to come forward."

After convincing Ruslan and Luronk gro-Glurzog to testify:

"Can I help you Citizen?"

Corrupt Imperial Watchman "I have two witnesses willing to testify against Audens Avidius. I'll get a warrant and arrest him."


Imperial Corruption

Itiu Hayn: "Audens Avidius, you are under arrest for extortion and petty theft. Surrender peacefully and keep what little dignity you have left."
Audens Avidius: "I'm surprised Itius. I didn't think even you would stoop to arresting a fellow Captain."
Itiu Hayn: "Only those who break the law."
Audens Avidius: "I'll take my chances in prison rather than fight you. Someday I'll get out and the weasel that turned me in will pay!"



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