Iulus Truptor is an Imperial savant residing in the city of Ebonheart. He is usually found in the Imperial Chapels of the Ebonheart Castle. He is also member of the Imperial Cult.


Iulus Truptor is the head almoner of the Imperial cult, and tasks the Nerevarine with collecting alms from different sources to fund different charitable activities of the Imperial Cult chapter of Vvardenfell.


Alms from Skyrim MissionEdit

The Nerevarine must collect 100 GoldIcon from Ebonheart's Skyrim Mission.

Alms from Argonian MissionEdit

The Nerevarine must collect 100GoldIcon from Ebonheart's Argonian Mission.

Buckmoth AlmsEdit

The Nerevarine must collect 100GoldIcon from Ald'ruhn for the Buckmoth Legion Fort.

Shirt and Vest for Harvest's EndEdit

The Nerevarine must find a clothier willing to donate a shirt and vest for the Harvest's End pageant.

Brandy for the Fundraising DinnerEdit

The Nerevarine must collect donations of Cyrodilic Brandy for a fundraising dinner at Moonmoth Legion Fort.

Donation from Cunius PeleliusEdit

The Nerevarine must convince the wealthy cult member Cunius Pelelius in Caldera to donate a sum of 500 GoldIcon.

Pledge from Canctunian PoniusEdit

The Nerevarine must collect a donation of 1000 GoldIcon from Canctunian Ponius, who has promised to donate but has not done so yet.