Not to be confused with Ivulen Andromo.
"So old King Llethan was a bit of a fool, but he was good to me. And King Helseth is no fool. He's got to keep some experienced men like me around."
―Ivulen Irano[src]

Ivulen Irano is a Dunmer guard who serves in the Royal Guard. He can be found in the throne room of the Royal Palace in Mournhold. He is also the author of the Handwritten note. He uses a full set of Royal Guard Armor for protection.

Background[edit | edit source]

According to the Royal Guard Captain Tienius Delitian and Ivulen Irano himself, he has already served under the former King, Athyn Llethan. He is very loyal to his deceased King, who was good to him, and for whom he demands more respect from the people. He also is disloyal to the new King, Helseth, although he tries to hide it.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Disloyalty Among the Guards[edit | edit source]

Tienius Delitian asks the Nerevarine to find out whether there is any disloyalty towards King Helseth among the guards. After asking the right questions Ivulen Irano betrays himself when he advises the Nerevarine to hold back crucial information to his superior. Even more incriminating is a Handwritten note found beside his chest in the Royal Palace Guards' Quarters. In this note, most likely written by Ivulen Irano himself, are all times specially marked when he, Milvela Dralen, and Aleri Aren are alone in the Throne Room. It serves as evidence against him and the other two Royal Guard members.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Disloyalty Among the Guards

"I'm an officer of the Imperial law. Move along."

join the Royal Guards "What did Tienius Delitian send you to me for? If he wants you to be a Royal Guard, then you'll be a Royal Guard. Nothing to do with me. How do I like it? You think I was born yesterday? My mom didn't teach me to blabber to strangers. So old King Llethan was a bit of a fool, but he was good to me. And King Helseth is no fool. He's got to keep some experienced men like me around. All these new fellows, like you... someone's gotta teach them their business, 'cause they don't know it."
Ask about King Llethan. "You hear folks say old King Llethan was a fool. Well, folks should keep their mouths shut. Maybe he was a fool, but lots of folk are fools. Maybe he had no business being a king, but that's what he was, so folk should show some respect to the old fellow."
Ask about King Helseth. "It's an honor... to serve.... It is my honor to serve King Helseth and Queen Barenziah. That's right. Just what I said. An honor."
Mention your Hlaalu connections. "Oh? Really? Does Tienius Delitian know that? Did you talk to Aleri Aren? You should tell her that you're House Hlaalu. Really. But don't tell Tienius Delitian. Just tell Aleri Aren."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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