Ix-Utha is an Argonian ghost found in the Starved Plain.


Enslaved in DeathEdit

Ix-Utha and the other saxhleel have not returned willingly – the Chimer refused to release their souls to Aetherius.


Enslaved in DeathEdit

"A living soul? It has been so long. To walk the river again, it is so strange. And so sad."

Why are you so sad, spirit? "I and the other saxhleel have not returned willingly. We Argonians were slaves to the Chimer in our time, as I sense they can be today. Even in death we serve our cruel masters. Slaves to their will."
Can I do anything to aid you now? "The Chimer would not willingly release us to Aehterius. To set their souls free on the river you will have to destroy the keepers. If you would do this, you will find me on the road away from here. I sense something I must see for myself"
I'll free them, spirit.

After freeing the spirits of the Argonian slaves:

"The smell of brimstone is strong in my nostrils. Even as a spirit, this place smells of ash and death. Have you done as I asked?"

Yes. They can move on now. "You are very kind. Strangely kind, for a place like the Ashlands. I stand here, tasting the air, and do you know what I've learned?"
What have you learned? "The saxhleel you saved, the Argonians. They are not the only ones in danger. This Pact forged in the wake of war is fragile, so fragile. Remember the history of violence against my people. And treat them well as you walk the river's edge."
Thank you for the warning. "My brethren are safe, and the Ashlands bubble with hope. I pass now down the river, to swim in the currents of Aetherius. Go well in your own passage, traveler."



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