J'Ghasta's House is located in Bruma near the Great Chapel of Talos. The home is owned by a Khajiit named J'Ghasta, who spends most of his time in the basement.


The house is located in the southeastern part of town, lying between Helvius Cecia's House and Brotch Calus' House.


The house is broken into two zones, The main floor and J'Ghasta's Training Room.

The top floor contains normal items, like books and food. In the keg in the back is locked, and holds a set of Black Hand robes and the matching hood. Some of the books include The Five Tenets and a Hand-to-Hand skill book Immortal Blood. In the corner there is a pile of cloth is a trap door, leading to the basement.

J'Ghasta's Training RoomEdit

The basement, as its name suggest, serves as J'Ghasta's training room. A copy of Ahzirr Traajijazeri (another Hand-to-Hand skill book) can be found on the desk, while a copy of The Brothers of Darkness can be found near the mat. During the quest, J'Ghasta can be found training or sleeping depending on the time.


Broken VowsEdit

One of the Dead Drop Orders for the Dark Brotherhood will point to J'Gashta as the next target. After he is killed, the next dead drop will appear.


  • Prior to, and after, the Dark Brotherhood quest, the house can be useful for thieves, as there is nobody inside and guards will not enter.


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