"If more knowledge is what you seek, you must consult J'Baana. He is wise in the way of locks."

Droshanji quote

J'baana is a Khajiit that is imprisoned in the Legion Headquarters, Imperial City. While an inmate, he can be found with keys stolen from the guards, making it hard to contain him. He is also the Master level Security trainer.

Security TrainingEdit

If the Hero seek his training, Dro'shanji and Mandil will recommend J'baana as a master at security, and note that he is currently a "guest" of the legion. When asked for training, J'baana will scold the Hero for thinking he will just help them, but decides to make use of the situation. He explains that he has been awaiting a message from S'Krivva in Bravil. Until he receives the message he will refuse to converse further. Once he receives her handwritten note. Once completed he will agree to training.


  • "How very arrogant of you. To think that I would aid you out of the kindness of my heart? Since you are here, and since you want something, you are useful to me." —When asked for training
  • "Until you have the message from S'Krivva, we have nothing further to say to one another."
  • "Ah, yes. Thank you. I see nothing has changed. How... disappointing. Nevertheless, you have done your part. Now, if you wish to learn from me, I have much I can teach you."


  • Despite being a master trainer, he is not marked as essential. Due to this and his habit of stealing, he has a risk of being killed should he be caught.
  • If he becomes hostile, he will be attacked by guards.
  • It is notable that unlike other prisoners, if you are found perpetrating a crime against J'baana, you will still incur a bounty.


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