"Move on, friend. I have nothing to sell today."

J'datharr is a Khajiit assassin waiting outside of Windhelm, behind the stables. He is sent by the Thalmor to kill Malborn after the completion of the quest "Diplomatic Immunity," before he can flee Skyrim. He carries a note addressed to him.

Since he is not part of a Khajiit caravan, killing J'datharr will incur no bounty, even if witnessed by the other Khajiit. Hold Guards will not react to any assault towards him either, and may actually help in killing him.


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  • Once J'datharr is dead, there may be an item called "<Missing Name>" among his belongings. If this item is taken, it is nowhere to be found in the inventory and no noticeable effect comes from taking it, but if equipped it acts as an invisible shield. (needs confirmation)
    •  PC   360   Item appears to be an invisible torch (with no visible mesh or texture data), which gives off light and has the same blocking value as any other torch. Most likely J'datharr was given the wrong item during his creation (*Citation needed).confirmation needed
    • If J'datharr is found at night, he appears to be holding something like a torch, but nothing is there. Once killed, a light will appear on the ground as though a torch was there. This appears to be <Missing Name>, as once looted, the light will disappear.confirmation needed
  • Sometimes when looted, it may bug the Dragonborn's current weapon, and cause many strange glitches, including game crashes and buggy loading errors.


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