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*[[A Plot Revealed]]
*[[A Plot Revealed]]
;[[Bruma Recommendation]]
*If he is talked to while he is invisible he will say, ''"Go away, you will ruin everything!"'' and will end the discussion there.
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''"Go away! You'll ruin everything!"''
After J'skar is made visible again:
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''"Hello there. I hear you've been looking for me. Please, don't be mad. We were just having some fun. We just get tired of Jeanne lording her position over us, when she barely knows anything about magic. Every now and then, we like to trick her. We figured it was time to move on to a new prank. This one was getting boring, anyway. So you can tell her you've found me!"''
:'''Jeanne Frasoric''' ''"Finding ways to confuse her jut never gets old for me. It's good practice of our skills too. But it's mostly just funny."''
:'''Mages Guild''' ''"There's not much to do here in the Bruma Guild. If you can get to the Arcane University, though, they let you make your own spells there."''
:'''Prank''' ''"Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'll have to start thinking up something new to try."''
If approached again:
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''"You'd better go talk to Jeanne before she really loses it."''
;[[A Plot Revealed]]
;[[A Plot Revealed]]
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