Template:OblivionNPCs J'skar is a mage apprentice at the Bruma Mages Guild. He is also an apprentice Destruction Trainer.

He is the only survivor of the Bruma Mages Guild destruction during the quest A Plot Revealed. J'skar is the prankster of the Bruma Mages Guild and is accompanied by Volanaro, his partner in crime.


J'skar is a friend of fellow guildsman Volanaro and gets involved with the Bruma Recommendation quest when he mysteriously disappears.



  • If talking to him while he is invisible he will say "Go away, you will ruin everything!" and will end the discussion there.


  • When talking to J'skar after rescuing him, sometimes he will have his dialect subtitles still up, but he will not say them, and he will have a large grin on his face. The glitch is not game breaking.


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