J'skar is a mage apprentice at the Bruma Mages Guild. J'skar is a friend of fellow guildsman Volanaro and gets involved with the Bruma Recommendation quest when he mysteriously disappears. He is also an apprentice Destruction Trainer. He is the only survivor of the Bruma Mages Guild destruction during the quest A Plot Revealed. J'skar is the prankster of Bruma Mages Guild accompanied by Volanaro, his partner in crime.



  • If you talk to him while he is invisible he will say "Go away, you will ruin everything!" and will end the discussion there.


  • When talking to J'skar after rescuing him, sometimes he will have his dialect subtitles still up, but he will not say them, and he will have a large grin on his face; While not game breaking, if this glitch occurs in a place with an awkward lighting, it can be quite creepy and unsettling to have J'skar staring and smiling.


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