"Commander Ja'Fazir. Your servant. I am second-in-command of the Blackwood Company."

Ja'Fazir quote

Ja'Fazir is the Khajiit ringleader of the Blackwood Company. When the Hero arrives at the Blackwood Company, Ja'Fazir will approach them.



"You want to join us? Hmm... another guild rat leaving the ship. Very well. Speak with Jeetum-Ze. He handles recruitment here"

Modryn Oreyn tells Hero that the information they got from Ajum-Kajin before he combusted was not enough. He tells them that they must join the Blackwood Company and find out the secret of their effectiveness firsthand.

The HistEdit

Furious with the Blackwood Company's vile illegal activities, Modryn Oreyn sends the Hero into their base to defeat Ja'Fazir and destroy the dangerously powerful Hist.


"Commander Ja'Fazir. Your servant. I am second-in-command of the Blackwood Company. The Company provides expert jihatt for selected customers. Very discreet."

Leyawiin "Blackwood' refers in part to Blackwood Forest, but it also carries a reference to the 'thoghatt', of 'charcoal warriors' of Khajiit tradition."

The HistEdit

"You are no longer one of us! Fighters Guild spy! Traitor! Your life is forfeit!"


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