"You're not leaving until I'm sure you'll never speak a word of what you've learned. And I have a perfect... and most satisfying... means of ensuring your discretion."

Jaganvir is the current Arch-Mage of the Stros M'Kai Mages Guild in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. He gained his position after Arch-Mage Voa was killed in the Battle of Hunding Bay. He is considered by others in the guild to be an Imperial collaborator and unworthy successor.[1] When not locking himself away with the Upper Cabal, he studies insistently for the Battlespire and has no time nor patience for the concerns of "mundanes" (non-magic users).[2]


Finding the Flask of LillandrilEdit

After Cyrus speaks to Falicia about the Soul Jem and Iszara and she reveals a previous guild member Joto had assisted her, Jaganvir overhears and turns Cyrus into a gremlin in an attempt to silence him.



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