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Not to be confused with Javad Tharn.
"...for you have never faced a being as powerful as I."
―Jagar Tharn[src]

Jagar Tharn was a a Bosmer[1] Imperial Battlemage and personal adviser to Emperor Uriel Septim VII during his earlier years as emperor.[2] After months of plotting, Tharn used the Staff of Chaos to trap Septim in Mehrunes Dagon's Plane of Oblivion out of jealousy and desire for the throne, and copied his look by using Illusion magic.[2]

Tharn usurped the throne as Emperor of the Septim Empire of Tamriel from 3E 389 until his ultimate demise in 3E 399 at the hands of the Eternal Champion, by the unification of the Staff of Chaos and the Jewel of Fire's power. Tharn served as the main antagonist of The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Tharn's earlier life before Imperial service has been left mostly ambiguous.

What is known about Tharn's younger life is mostly what Tharn had claimed: he was born in southern Valenwood, to a Wood Elven mother. According to The Real Barenziah, Book V, Tharn was a Dark Elven/High Elven mix, Symmachus also stating that he was "...part the gods only know what."[1] Tharn couldn't be a Breton, due to it being said that Human blood was absent from him, leading to the former statement of him being born in Valenwood to be true. He claims to be the heir of Moraelyn.[3]

Tharn was also a mage-priest at the Temple of Sethiete in Camlorn, High Rock. He turned to thievery for a short period of time after leaving the temple's circle, stealing many books of old, powerful and forgotten spells, along with lore and articles about many ancient tools and magical items, including the Staff of Chaos, an immensely powerful magical staff said to be made with the land itself.[4]

In 3E 376, Tharn had traveled to Mournhold under one of his alter-egos, an enigmatic bard named Nightingale, and stole the Staff of Chaos from its hiding place in the Mournhold mines.[5]

An ambiguous stretch of time later, Tharn managed to become the Imperial Battlemage and adviser of Uriel Septim VII. In 3E 389, Tharn used the Staff of Chaos to trap the Emperor, and banished him to Mehrunes Dagon's plane of Oblivion. After Ria Silmane threatened that she would warn the Elder Council of his treachery, Tharn used the staff to eliminate her corporeal form.[2]

Tharn Ursurps Throne (Arena)

Tharn sitting on the Imperial Throne with the Staff of Chaos.

Tharn, using Illusion magic, took the Emperor's appearance and usurped the throne of Tamriel, and replaced the Emperor's guard and servants with Lesser Daedra and other foul creatures, also using Illusion magic to hide them as humans so no one would suspect that the original guard were missing. After, he split the staff into eight perfectly formed pieces, as the land split itself. He then drained the pieces of the staff of its power, and put it into the Jewel of Fire, as a sustainable lifeforce.[2]

The only fallacy with his plan would've been the true emperor, Uriel Septim VII, himself. Normally when the Emperor of Tamriel dies, the Elder Council is magically informed by the Amulet of Kings and meets to select a successor. By imprisoning Septim in another dimension where time ran slower, Tharn prevented this from happening. He then shattered the staff into eight pieces, which Ria Silmane explained was done by Tharn "splitting the land,"[2] and hid them in all of Tamriel's provinces, excluding the Imperial Province.

Jagar Tharn IV

Tharn disintegrating after the Jewel of Fire unites with the Staff of Chaos.

In 3E 397, Tharn and Shadowmage Pergan Asuul tried to manipulate the War of the Bend'r-Mahk to create the Shadow of War, the powerful creature known as Umbra' Keth. However, a mysterious hero with the help of Skelos Undriel and Azra Nightwielder, thwarted his plan.[6]

One year later, in 3E 398, Tharn made a bargain with Mehrunes Dagon to invade the Battlespire, the Imperial training facility and bastion of the Imperial Battlemages.[7]

Essential to protect himself, Tharn had to eliminate any and all threats to his reign. As some circles of battlemages were aware that Tharn was impersonating the emperor[8] they clearly posed a threat. Mehrunes Dagon was defeated and cast back into Oblivion by a mysterious hero, but the Battlespire was destroyed. The Imperial Battlemages were no longer capable of thwarting Tharn's reign.[7]

Tharn's reign ended in 3E 399. The Eternal Champion, with the help of Ria Silmane and Lady Barenziah,[5] managed to gather the eight hidden pieces of the Staff of Chaos. During the final battle, in the depths of the Imperial Palace Dungeon, the Eternal Champion managed to unite the Jewel of Fire with the Staff of Chaos, a jewel that held Tharn's lifeforce.

Jagar Tharn disintegrated into fire-like ash and liquid, his clothes burning with him. Uriel Septim VII was saved, and declared the hero the Eternal Champion of Tamriel.


Imperial PalaceEdit

Jagar Tharn III

Tharn encased in his shield.

"You were a fool to confront me, and now have paid the ultimate price. Even now my servants go to fetch your mortal husk. You will serve me well through my years as Emperor, once I have made you undead. Perhaps I will even let you retain some of your memories, so that the price of your failure has meaning to you...."
―Jagar Tharn[src]

Jagar Tharn player dead

At the fourth level of the Imperial Palace, Tharn will fight the Eternal Champion on sight.

After having his health fully depleted, Tharn will encase himself in a magical shield, resembling a turquoise bubble. In order to finally defeat Tharn, the Champion must pick up the key on Tharn's body when he is defeated, or find the spare Mithril Key in the of the cells, and unite the Staff of Chaos with the Jewel of Fire.

Doing this will cause Tharn to disintegrate, and the final quest is finished.


Jagar Tharn II

Tharn in-game

Tharn is the most powerful enemy in Arena. The following is combat info from the Codex Scientia:[9]


  • Level 20
  • 500 Health-icon
  • 300 MagickaIcon


  • Makes no noise.
  • 25% chance of reflecting spells.
  • 10–25 damage range in Hand-to-Hand.
  • Sees invisible characters.


  • Does not regenerate lost health points.
  • Has no aura/breath weapons.
  • Can be instantly killed by activating the Jewel of Fire.




  • According to certain magic-based backstories for the main character in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, there were circles of Imperial Battlemages who knew who Tharn "really was" when impersonating the emperor, but none were brave enough to stand up against him.
  • According to some of the Eternal Champion's monologues during Tamriel's holidays, Tharn actively enforced higher taxation upon the Empire's citizens.
  • There is an ambient black metal band from Poland named Jagar Tharn. The lyrics of their songs consist of Elder Scrolls-related stories and concepts.
  • When reaching Tharn in person, fighting him is completely optional, as you just need to unite the Staff of Chaos with the Jewel of Fire.
  • Tharn's sprite in-game is almost exactly the same as the vampire's. The only two differences are the removed dagger in favor Tharn's staff, along with new attack animations for the staff.



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