Jallenheim was a Nordic village that existed in Skyrim during the Second Era. Very little is known about this village as it does not appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; all that is known is that in 2E 358 an old letter left behind by a Morag Tong assassin was found in an old abandoned house.[1]

The letter read:

"Brother, I still call you brother for we share our bonds of blood, tested but unbroken by hatred. Even if I am murdered, which seems inevitable now, know that, brother. You and I are not innocents, so our benedictions of mutual enmity is not tragedy, but horror. This state of silent, shadowed war, of secret poisons and sleeping men strangled in their beds, of the sudden arrow and the artful dagger, has no end that I can see. No possibility for peace. I see the shadows in the room move though the flame of my candle is steady. I know the signs that I..."[1]

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