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"The Count of Skingrad is not all he seems. Let's just say I'm not the only one who enjoys his evenings..."
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Janus Hassildor is the Count of Skingrad and is reputed to be a powerful mage.


In 3E 383 (fifty years before the Oblivion Crisis), Janus and his wife Rona fell victim to vampires. Both survived, but were infected with the disease Porphyric Hemophilia and became vampires themselves. While Janus came to accept his new life, Rona saw her vampiric existence as only a curse and refused to drink the blood needed to keep her healthy; she soon fell into a coma caused by despair and malnutrition. Janus has been looking for a way to cure his wife to help her find the peace she craves.

As a count, Janus has proven to be very successful. Despite his private life away from the world, his people have come to love and respect him. Only a few people are aware that the count is a vampire. Two of his advisors, Shum gro-Yarug and Hal-Liurz, know and keep his secret. They work as his representatives and handle almost everything on his behalf. It is these two that are commonly encountered when visiting the castle.

He feels no kinship toward and even hates other vampires, seeing them as mindless creatures who have given in to animal instinct. He also does not want to bring suspicion upon himself by fraternizing with them. Because of this, he has no tolerance for other vampires who enter the area.

Despite his abhorrence to his kin, he also dislikes vampire hunters, as evidenced in the quest "Information at a Price." Ultimately, he orders the Hero to deal with them with any method necessary as long as they leave the city, regardless of if they live or die. However, he cannot defend the Hero if murder is chosen to eliminate the hunters.

His feelings toward the Mages Guild is neutral at best, but he does provide valuable information about the necromancers, a group Hassildor does not want to succeed and destroy the guild.



Show: Allies for Bruma
At Castle Skingrad:

"It's my pleasure. Pleace continue."

Aid for Bruma "While Skingrad is threatened by an Oblivion Gate, I cannot spare any soldiers for Bruma. Whatever you may think of me, I still protect my own. This is my city, and Mehrunes Dagon will not have it while I remain Count of Skingrad."
Chancellor Ocato "I don't envy the High Chancellor his position. It can't be easy trying to rule an empire without an emperor."
Skingrad "Believe me, Mehrunes Dagon will know he was in a fight if he tries to take this city from me."

"You, too."

After closing the Gate:

"I hope I can help."

Aid for Bruma "Mehrunes Dagon has no more love for my kind than for my mortal subjects. Less, perhaps, as we make poor slaves. You have helped me by closing the Oblivion Gate near Skingrad. I will likewise help you by sending aid to Bruma."
Show: Ulterior Motives
Near Cursed Mine:

"You impossible fool. What possessed you to think I would suggest a meeting here, of all places? At least your gullibility served some useful purpose. I knew about Mercator, but not his friends. Now none of them are a threat any longer."

What? Who are you? "Count Janus Hassildor, at your service. A 'thank you' might be in order at this point."
Why was Mercator a threat? "Do you not recognize a Necromancer when you see one? I suspected Mercator was involved in their cult, but was unwilling to move against him without knowing the identities of his allies."
Go on. "Despite what your Council may think, I've not thrown in with the Necromancers, and would never do so. You may pass along that message."
I was only here for a book. "Is that so? Perhaps your Council has not been entirely honest with you. Do you really believe they sent you here for a book? No, they sent you to spy on me. They've heard the same rumors I have about the Necromancers' Cult."
Where's my book? "Would you dare make demands of me now? And a book, of all things. Your gullibility knows no bounds, it would seem. You believe your Coincil send you here to merely fetch a book? No, they wanted information on me and what is going on here. Well, now they shall have it."
Go on. "Tell your Council the next time they want something from me, they come themselves. They don't send someone under false pretenses."
I'm sorry. I didn't know. "Yes, I see that now. I regret that Traven has involved you in this way. At least you've survived... for now. Perhaps in the future you can be trusted enough to deal with more serious matters. Now, our business here is concluded. I suggest you return to your Council."

If approached again:

"I've said all there is to be said. Trouble me no more."

Show: Information at a Price
At Castle Skingrad:

"Welcome, guild mage. We meet again, although in different circumstances. I fear this time you may find the results no more to your liking than the last. Less so, perhaps. The information I have for your guild will not be met with smils and hand-shakes, I fear."

Information "I have called you here because from our previous encounter, I believe you can be trusted. Consider the implications of that, as you handle a small matter for me. Surprised? Nothing is for free, mage. There is a small nuisance I would have you deal with before I tell you what I know. One good turn deserves another, after all."
Why can't you just tell me now? "And miss the opportunity to take advantage of your help? I think not. I assure you, the information I have will be worth your time."
What's the problem? "It is a minor situation, to be sure, but neither I nor my guard can become directly involved. A nest of vampires has sprung up in Bloodcrust Cavern, southeast of the town. They are a threat to the town, and must be eliminated. Their presence has drawn a group of vampire hunters to town, following rumors of "vampires in Skingrad." While I do not believe my identity has been compromised, I do not wish to take any chances, and so cannot act on either matter. You, however, can act with impunity, and so will take care of this for me. Then I will tell you what I know."
Bloodcrust Cavern "What do you wish to know about it?"
Where is the cavern? "The cavern is a short distance east of the castle. Far enough from town that few residents have reason to pass by it, thankfully."
Why are vampires there? "I assure you, I am not responsible for them. I would never be so careless. Where there are mindless animals, predators are never far behind. This is not the first time such a thing has happened, however. On some level, they're aware of my presence. Whether they covet all that I have, or simply wish to see it destroyed, I do not know. They have given in to their instincts, and are little more than animals. They need to be exterminated, one way or another."
Nevermind. "Very well."
Vampire hunters "A troublesome lot. I expect you to deal with them."
Who are the hunters? "There are at least three of them. I know only one by name: a wood elf called Eridor. He's rather good, from what I understand. I could handle them myself. But it would be... unwise to display my prowess in public. That is the folly of the young and proud. Of course, should you be caught murdering them in the streets, the guards will respond accordingly. I can't be connected with this, remember?"
Where are they? "This I cannot say. I have refrained from expressing too much interest, lest their attention be turned towards the castle. The citizens will likely know more. I imagine many have noticed their presence here."
How should I deal with them? "Kill them, run them out of town - do what you will. I simply want them gone. Of course, should you be caught murdering them in the streets, the guards will respond accordingly. I cannot arouse further suspicion by offering leniency to you, should you find yourself on the wrong side of the law."
Nevermind. "Very well."

"I shall await your return."

If left in dialogue:

"Let us speak of the information I have for your guild, so that you may pass it on to your Council, and they may decide how to use it."

After killing the vampires:

"You make progress, but your work is not yet done."

Bloodcrust Cavern "The cavern is silent once more. I would be foolish to think that this might send a message to those who would encroach on my territory."

After informing the vampire hunters the vampires are killed:

"So, the work is complete. Now we can discuss the information I have for you."

Information "Your guild does not fully appreciate the danger which quickly approaches. Hopefully when you return to them, their eyes will be opened. The Necromancers are a sign of things to come. An old acquaintance of the guild has come to Cyrodiil, and they are answering his call. While I do not know for quite what purpose he has arrived, I believe the Guild of Mages is in great danger. Mannimarco has returned. Nearly invincible, he has established himself somewhere in the north of Cyrodiil. This is all that I know. See to it that your leader, Traven, learns this as soon as possible. I have no love for your guild, but I have no wish to see it destroyed either."
Information "I have told you all that I know. Mannimarco has come to Cyrodiil, and I believe he means harm to your guild. Traven must know this. Even I know that some from your guild have defected to join him. I believe you can be trusted, as you have been attacked once already. Perhaps it is a mistake to make that assumption; only time will tell, I suppose."
Mannimarco "He is an old Necromancer. Traven will recognize the name, even if you do not."
Vampire hunters "You convinced them to leave, I see. A wise plan. More hunters will come in time, I am sure. For now, Skingrad is quiet again, and you have my thanks."

"Return to your guild, and prepare yourself accordingly."


  • There are a meager number of people outside Janus's trusted few who know about his curse. Vicente Valtieri of the Dark Brotherhood states, "The Count of Skingrad is not all he seems. Let's just say I'm not the only one who enjoys his evenings..." and Raminus Polus of the Mages Guild is also aware of this (though it is difficult to determine when exactly he had knowledge of Hassildor's true nature).
  • Although he is an essential character, he is still listed as one of the Blood Price characters for "Lost Histories."
  • It is possible that when the Hero gets arrested for committing a crime related to him after serving their time, Janus will be waiting for them outside. If it is daytime, he will have red skin and may be steaming as the sun burns him, but his essential status ensures he takes no damage.


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