"Jastia Sintav. Jena's my sister."
―Jastia Sintav[src]

Jastia Sintav quote

Jastia Sintav is an Imperial who lives in the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City with her sister Jena Sintav. She is a member of the Sintav clan, a family that is one of the most respected in the Imperial City and one that has a bit of a rivalry with the Atius clan.

She can be found around the Elven District or visiting Iniel Sintav, the elder of the Sintav clan. She is a very middle class person, and carries a key to her house, which she shares with Jena.

Sintav Clan in CyrodiilEdit


"Jastia Sintav. Jena's my sister."

Imperial City "I'm sick of all this fighting with the Atius clan. I'm glad Uncle Iniel put his foot down."


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