"It's a shame that you had all the fun before I could get here. Now, there's nothing left to do but rebuild."
―Jayred Ice-Veins[src]

Jayred Ice-Veins quote

Jayred Ice-Veins is a Nord sharpshooter who resides in the town of Passwall. Like most people in the Shivering Isles, Jayred has a shade of madness in him. In his case, he is obsessed with the collection of bones, and believes that they speak to him after he kills something.

This obsession can be of some assistance in killing the Gatekeeper on the path to gaining access to the land past the Fringe.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

Jayred can help defeat the Gatekeeper in the quest by creating Gatekeeper Bone Arrows; the bones needed are in the ruins north-east of Passwall. The Hero will need to pick the lock and kill the shambles inside. Once done, the Hero and Jayred will fight the gatekeeper and deliver decent amounts of damage with the arrows.

After defeating the Gatekeeper and opening one of the Gates of Madness, Jayred will run into the Shivering Isles, presumably to hunt the native animals and game of the Isles. He can often be found later wandering the roads of Dementia or dead, near the Gates.


Show: Through the Fringe of Madness
In Jayred's House:

"I'm Jayred Ice-Veins. Do you ever wonder why things look better without their skin on? For instance, you can only really see the bones when you take them out. You can hear them better that way, too."

Gatekeeper "I want him dead. I need him dead! His bones are calling to me. Rumor has it you want him dead, too. If you're any good with a lockpick, we can help each other out. We can get into the Gardens of Flesh and Bone."
Gatekeeper "He must die. It's the only way."
Gardens of Flesh and Bone "They say the Gatekeeper's magical. I don't believe in magic. But I do believe in bones. And the best way to kill something is with the bones of its own. I can see the bones of a dead Gatekeeper in the courtyard of the Gardens. The door's locked, though. You'll pick that lock, and I'll collect the bones. Then I'll make some arrows, and we'll kill the Gatekeeper. Sound good?"
Lead on. "Here. Take this lockpick. Careful, it's the only one I've got. You open the door. I'll kill things. Let's go!"
Wait, let's do this later. "Hurry up! The bones are calling."
Gardens of Flesh and Bone "You ready to go?"
Lead on. "Here. Take this lockpick. Careful, it's the only one I've got. You open the door. I'll kill things. Let's go!"
Wait, let's do this later. "Hurry!"
Gates of Madness "I can hear them, calling to me from the other side. We need to kill the Gatekeeper! He has the keys."

If spoken to again:

"Should we continue on?"

Lead on. "Follow me."
Wait, let's do this later. "Hurry!"

Upon arrival at the Gardens of Flesh and Bone:

"Hurry! Pick that lock open. I can hear them in there!"
"Hurry, get that door open!"

After Jayred collects the bones:

"Here we are!"
"From these Gatekeeper bones I can make some arrows."

When will these bone arrows be ready? "Find me in a few hours. We'll kill the Gatekeeper."
Bone Arrows "The arrows aren't ready yet. Come back later."
Passwall "I followed the bones. They lead me here. I just moved in when I got here. No one seemed to mind. Everyone here seems to be waiting for something."

"See you later."

After waiting a couple of hours:

"We should go hunting. Soon."

Bone Arrows "The arrows are ready. Here are some for you, and I'll keep some. Let's go kill the Gatekeeper. We might die. But there's worse things."
Follow me. "Let's go!"
Wait here. "Hurry. The bones are calling out to me!"

After killing the Gatekeeper:

"The Gatekeeper is slain. Congratulations. The honor of taking the keys from his corpse is yours."

Gatekeeper "The Gatekeeper's dead. As soon as you get one of those doors unlocked, we can go in. They're calling to me from in there."
Gates of Madness "As soon as you get the doors unlocked, I'm going in!"

"Those bones want out!"

Past the Gates of Madness:

"We should go hunting. Soon."

Gatekeeper "The Gatekeeper's dead. He won't stop us from coming and going now."

"See you later."


  • "Do the bones talk to you, too?"
  • "We need to get through the Gates of Madness. Let's go kill the Gatekeeper!" ―During "Through the Fringe of Madness"


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