Jel is a language spoken by Argonians. It is described as a language that is described as "the closest speech to thought." A way of conversing communally with the Hist.[1] Unlike many Tamrielic languages, Jel is not derived from Ehlnofex but comes from the ancient and sentient trees, the Hist.[1] The language is sometimes erroneously referred to as Saxhleel, which is the Argonian name for themselves.

Known wordsEdit

Jel Tamrielic
Ajum A traditional woven tray[2]
Alten ?
Al-Phid Brightest star in the city[3]
Beeko Friend[4]
Bok Bowl[4]
Chukka-Sei ?
Daril[5] ?
Deek ?
Deelith Teacher[4]
Dimik ?
Dooka ?
Ei Eyes[6]
Eenu ?
Fek Plant[7][4]
Gah ?
Gee-Rusleel Miredancer[8]
Geel ?
Greel Enemy[4]
Gulvo ?
Haj Hidden[4]
Hej Vaporous[UL 1]
Jekos[9] ?
Ka Apprentice[10]
Kaal War Captain[4]
Kaj-jeke thota Ample-stinging insect[5]
Kaoc Expression of surprise or alarm[5][3]
Kajthux Ample serpent[5]
Keshu Stands Apart[11]
Kota-Vimleel Black-Tongues[12]
Krona Big, colossal[4]
Luheeez Wing folding[2]
Lukiul Assimilated Argonian[4]
Nagahssee Snake roll[13]
Naheesh Tribal elder[4]
Nalpa Bad[4]
Norg Forbidden[4]
Ojel Outsider (Not Jel speaker)[4]
Raj-deelith Elder Teacher[11]
Reel-Ka Warrior[4]
Rormasu Crocodile (literal: "big mouth reptile that breathes above water")[5]
Saxhleel Argonian (self demonym)[1][4][14]
Setha Floating[UL 1]
Shap Frog[1]
Sisei Sprout[source?]
Ssaa[15] ?
Teeba-Hatsei Hip and Tail Ball[8]
Thtitleel Egg[4]
Theilul[3] ?
Thuxis Snake[4]
Toteik Great[4]
Tsona Swim[3]
Tum-Taleel Root-House People[16]
Uxith Nest[3][4]
Vastei Change[4]
"Vakka" "Sun"[4]
Vahat ?
Vastei-Sei Ritual of Change[17]
Veeskheel-Tzel Ghost People[14]
Vexu-Vit ?
Voh-Vastei Apprentice[source?]
Vos ?
Vossa-Satl A musical instrument found in Murkmire[18]
Wamasu Big-mouthed reptile of blood lightning[UL 1]
Wasseek-haleel Bright-Throats[19]
Waxhuthi ? (Vulgar expression, cursing)[5][20]
Wazeithi ?
Wuthilul Mere-Glim (name)[1]
Xal Sacred[4]
Xanmeer Ancient pyramids found throughout Black Marsh[21]
Xeech Nut, seed[4]
Xhu or Xhuth Yes[1]
Xinchei-Konu ?
Xul Death[4]
Xul-Vaat Grave stake[source?]
Xulamath ?
Xuth ? (Exclamation)[21][5][22]


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