Not to be confused with Faleen or Jelin.

Jeleen is a Redguard priest residing at the shrine in Fort Frostmoth. He is an oracle of the Imperial Cult.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jeleen is secretly in love with the missing monk Mirisa. If she dies, he commits suicide, leaving behind a note revealing his love.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Missing Missionary[edit | edit source]

Jeleen will give this quest to find Mirisa. If she is returned to him alive, he will give a reward. If she is rescued but dies before reaching the fort, he will still give a reward but commit suicide.

The Moon Sugar Mystery[edit | edit source]

Jeleen witnessed and described Uncle Sweetshare, yet didn't know who the man was.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: The Moon Sugar Mystery
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"Hello, Nerevarine (Player name). I heard you've been speaking to Severia Gratius about the moon sugar investigation. I'll do whatever I can to assist you, of course."

moon sugar investigation "Yes, I too was stricken with moon sugar euphoria. It was just last week, after a Cult service. I sat down to some wine, and moments later realized something was wrong. I am a law-abiding man, Nerevarine (Player name), and have never experienced something, in all my life! The laughing, the was horrible! And then, as I drifted off, I saw him. A strange man...old and frail -- certainly no Nord -- wearing a white Colovian fur helm. But even stranger was his silly song."
silly song "It's rather embarrassing, really. I mean, I was deeply affected by the moon sugar, and I'm not even sure I can trust my own recollections. But, well, I heard singing. It was a very strange tune, more like a nursery rhyme. Something you'd sing to a child, maybe. I only caught a little of it. Speaking about a workshop in the snow, and lanterns all aglow. And I remember something about candy. Oh yes, and there were lots of he he he's and ha ha ho's. It's all so absurd, I know."'
snow "Yeah, snow. Can't get enough of it up here. If we could export it, we'd all be rich."
Show: The Missing Missionary
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"If you need shrine services just ask, but be quick. I have an important Cult matter on my mind right now."

important Cult matter "Yes. You see, my protégé Mirisa left the shrine over a month ago for those forsaken frozen wastes. Her challenge was to bring the word of the Imperial Cult to the local savages. She hasn't returned, and I fear the worst."
local savages "What else would you call them? They're hardly civilized, with all that bear and wolf worship. And they hardly even recognize the Nine Divines! Most Nords are too busy worshiping heathen gods like Alduin and Orkey. That's why Mirisa's missionary work is so important."
missionary work "Mirisa has a passion for preaching. She thought she could be most effective by spreading the tenets of the Imperial Cult to the residents of Solstheim. It's dangerous but necessary work. Her journeys into the wild have been very successful in the past, but Mirisa never returned from her last outing. I fear something terrible has happened to her."
Mirisa never returned "I...I don't suppose you would be willing to look for Mirisa? She means a great deal to me. That is, she...her very important to the Imperial Cult. You have the look of an adventurer about you, Nerevarine (Player name). If you could find Mirisa and return her to me, I would gladly empty the shrine's coffers into your purse. She left here over a month ago and headed north, toward Lake Fjalding. You should begin your search in that area."

If approached again:

"So, no luck in finding Mirisa, Nerevarine (Player name)? I'm telling you she's out there. Try the Skaal Village or that mead hall. Maybe they've seen her."

When returning with Mirisa:

"By the Nine Divines, you rescued my Mirisa! Please take this gold. I know it's not much, but it's all we have in our coffers. I wish I could give more. Mirisa is invaluable, to me and the Imperial Cult."

important cult matter "The matter is now officially closed."
Mirisa never returned "But she has returned, thanks to you!"
missionary work "After everything that's happened, I have decided to suspend the missionary program. There are just too many dangers in an untamed land like Solstheim."

If approached again:

"Thanks once again for returning Mirisa, Nerevarine (Player name)."

If Mirisa died:

" Mirisa is dead? No! cannot be! Oh, why have the Divines forsaken me? Mirisa was so young, so innocent! Nerevarine (Player name)...I thank you for relaying this information, tragic as it may be. I'm sure you did everything in your power to help my love. Please, take this gold as payment for your services. Now if you don't mind, I wish to be alone."

If approached again:

" need services? Oh, oh yes, of course...."

important cult matter "The matter is now officially closed."
missionary work "After everything that's happened, I have decided to suspend the missionary program. There are just too many dangers in an untamed land like Solstheim."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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