"Feel free to browse, friend."

Jensine is a Nord who owns the shop Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise, in the Imperial City Market District. She is also the head of the Society of Concerned Merchants, a merchant organization set up to allow for better trade amongst the merchants in the Market District.

She also initiates the quest "Unfriendly Competition," which is about Thoronir and The Copious Coinpurse. She is angry because Thoronir offers exaggeratedly low prices, and she thinks his goods are stolen items.

Apparel[edit | edit source]

Jensine wears a teal long-sleeved shirt with a brown, rugged skirt (which is lower class apparel). She also wears sandals, which the Hero wears as a default in jail, or during the tutorial at the start of the game.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Imperial Corruption[edit | edit source]

While exploring the Temple District in the Imperial City, Ruslan or his friend Luronk gro-Glurzog may ask for a few Septims to hold them off until payday. Whether or not money is given to them, they will explain that while at Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise a captain of the city guard came in and accused them of theft. Despite their innocence and Jensine defending them, the guard told them to hand over their money or face time in the Imperial City Prison.

Unfriendly Competition[edit | edit source]

Head over to Jensine's shop and ask her about Thoronir, and she will tell the Hero that she is the head of the Society of Concerned Merchants. This society is meant to help out all the merchants in the city by working together to keep all business practices fair.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Feel free to browse, friend."

Imperial City "Everyone comes to the Big City to buy and sell. Why not? More stores, better selection, better prices."

"Fare thee well."

Show: Unfriendly Competition
Inside Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise:

"Feel free to browse, friend. It's nice to see a new shopper. I was afraid I lost any hope of new business ever since Thoronir opened up."

Thoronir "I think you may be just the kind of person we're looking for. Perhaps you can assist us with a problem we're having here in the Market District."
Start from the beginning. "I'm the chairperson for the Society of Concerned Merchants. We formed this group a while back to keep a nice fair economic balance in town. Not every store is a member, but we're slowly trying to convince them to join. Everything was fine until Thoronir opened up his shop nearby. Selling all sorts of merchandise, he undercuts prices like you wouldn't believe. He doesn't always sell what we sell, but it is still a problem. People who buy tend to want to spend their money there. That leaves none for us. It's getting so bad, a few of us may have to close up shop. He outright refuses to join the Society or even discuss the matter. We are convinced he is up to no good. What we need is for you to case his establishment, and figure out where he gets his inventory. Find some proof of his wrongdoing, and let us know. We cannot do it ourselves, as he recognizes all of us. The job pays a fair bounty in gold when he is brought to justice."
Iventory "His inventory must be stolen. It has to be. He prices less than it costs to make some of those things. Go see for yourself."
Thoronir "I hope you're more successful uncovering his scheme than we've been."
Maybe later. "Oh, very well. If you change your mind, let me know. It could prove quite lucrative for both of us."

"Thanks again for your help, we had no other place to turn."

After finding out Thoronir's source:

"Any news about that certain task we discussed?"

Thoronir "Good, you have found his source. Now, you must find where his sources gets the materials if we are to truly bring this crime to justice. Be careful, there is no telling what this "Agarmir" is up to."

"Thanks again for your help, we had no other place to turn."

After looking in Agarmir's basement:

"Any news about that certain task we discussed?"

Taken from the Dead "Without any solid evidence to back that accusation up, you don't have cause to assume that is where Agarmir gets his merchandise."
Thoronir "I've checked my sources, and no one knows this "Agarmir"; he's probably using a false name."

"Make sure you have proof before you accuse anyone of a terrible crime like grave robbing."

After finding the Macabre Manifest:

"Any news about that certain task we discussed?"

Taken from the Dead "By the Divines... I can't believe this! They would dare defile the dead to make a profit? The City Watch will hear of this. You should take this book to Thoronir. Confronted with this, he may just see things differently."
Thoronir "Thoronir better pray he had no knowledge of Agarmir's grave robbing, or the Watch will have his head."

"Bring that book immediately to Thoronir."

After confronting Thoronir:

"Any news about that certain task we discussed?"

Inventory "To think, all of those items on Thoronir's shelves were only recently buried. Such blasphemy."
Taken from the Dead "Words... fail me. I knew that Thoronir obtained his goods through dark dealings, but I never would have imagined this. As sickened as I am, I will not tell the City Watch until you have confirmed this theory and brought us the proof we need."
Thoronir "Now that you have the manifest, you'll need one more piece of evidence that proves the theory that links Agarmir directly to the crime. Look for something in his possession that can be linked to his crimes, and we will have him. Be ever vigilant. The crime of grave robbing is punishable only by death, so Agarmir is likely to do anything to keep his crime secret."

"I'm still aghast. To think that someone would stoop so low..."

After killing Agarmir:

"Any news about that certain task we discussed?"

Thoronir "Speak to Thoronir first. Although I am happy you were able to recover solid evidence, he deserves to see it as well."

"Make sure you show that shovel to Thoronir. It is the final bit of proof we need to possibly clear his name."

After showing the shovel to Thoronir:

"I have been anxiously awaiting your return."

Inventory "I am pleased that Thoronir has decided to donate his inventory to the temple. At least he is trying to make amends."
Taken from the Dead "The very thought of what Agarmir was doing sickens me. I hope those poor souls rest in peace now that this is over."
Thoronir "Well done! This shovel will certainly confirm Agarmir's crimes. Along with the manifest, it should prove useful to the City Watch. In your absence, Thoronir visited and we spoke at length about his role in this scheme. I believe him when he says he didn't know Agarmir's sources. He told me of his intentions to donate all of the money and inventory to the local temple. He also agreed to buy and sell merchandise at fair prices. Last but not least, he's officially joined the Society. I am taken aback by his honest intentions. In return, the Society has decided not to press charges. His name will be absconded from the records of this crime. Now, I'm sure you are waiting to hear about your reward. The Society thanks you for everything you have done. Please, take this gold. Many thanks, on behalf of all of us."
Thoronir "I'm mature enough to admit I was mistaken about Thoronir. He's a welcome member of our group in the Market District."

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you."

If approached again:

"See anything you like?"

Thoronir (After being sent by Ogier Georick, Tertullian Verus, or Claudette Perrick) "So, Ogier (Or "Claudette", or "Tertullian") sent you, eh? Well then, he usually sizes up people well, so you may be just what we're looking for."
Show: Imperial Corruption
Inside Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise:

"See anything you like?"

Corrupt Imperial Watchman "I guess I can trust you. It's that bastard Audens Avidius. He's in here every month taking my wares without paying for them. What can I do? He's a Captain of the Imperial Watch. Only another Watch Captain can arrest him. Fat chance of that happening."

"If you tell anyone I said bad about Audens, I'll deny it."

After talking with Itius Hayn:

"See anything you like?"

Testify against Audens Avidius. "You want me to publically accuse Audens Avidius of corruption? I'd sooner swim naked in a pool filled with slaughterfish and mudcrabs!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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