"Father says I ain't smart enough to be stablemaster. Some day."


Jervar is a Nord farmer who can be found at the Whiterun Stables.


He is the son of Skulvar Sable-Hilt. He works on their lands next to the farm. If Skulvar dies, Jervar will take on his father's role as stablemaster, and will be able to sell the Dragonborn a horse.


Caring for the horsesEdit

Skulvar: "You shoe that gelding, boy?"
Jervar: "Yes, father."
Skulvar: "Groom her, too?"
Jervar: "You know I did."
Skulvar: "You clean out that muck?"
Jervar: "Yes, father, I did. And I watered her, and got fresh feed, and refitted the old saddle, just like you asked. Is there anything else?"
Skulvar: "Don't suppose there is. But you don't have to be so damned prickly."

Wild mareEdit

Skulvar: "I tell you? Saw that wild mare again yesterday, just outside the walls."
Jervar: "Yeah. So?"
Skulvar: "So? So? Shor's beard, boy! You forget where you're standing? What kind o' business we're running? We manage to break that mare and bring her back here, we can sell her for a small fortune."
Jervar: "Oh, okay. So we should try to... what? Capture it?"
Skulvar: "Yes, son. We should try to capture it."

Jervar's dreamEdit

Jervar: "Listen, father. I've been thinking..."
Skulvar: "Here it comes again. Not happy with a roof and a trade, no. You want to be something entirely... different."
Jervar: "I'm just no good at this. You said it yourself. Gods, I don't even like horses. And if it's true what they're saying about dragons..."
Skulvar: "Dragons? You want to go out and fight dragons? Are you completely off your nut?"
Jervar: "Come on, father, how hard can it be? They're just... big lizards. And those scales and teeth, they must be worth a fortune..."
Skulvar: "Big lizards? By Shor, your mother gave birth to a half-wit. That is the end of this discussion."


  • "Need a horse? Talk to my father, Skulvar."
  • "Old lady Maiden-Loom owns the stables. But my father and me, we run things."
  • "So I mostly sweep and shovel. You got a problem with that?"
  • "My father never thought I was smart enough to be a stablemaster. I just wish he was around to see me now." ―If Skulvar is deceased.
  • "Uh huh."
  • "Back to work, I guess. There's never a shortage of dung to shovel around here."


  • During the quest "In My Time of Need," Jervar may be killed by Kematu while the latter is waiting for the Dragonborn to deliver Saadia to him at the stables.
  • If the Dragonborn murders Jervar's father, they will receive a letter from Jervar thanking them for the deed.
  • If Skulvar Sable-Hilt is deceased, Jervar will take over the stables.


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