Jesan Rilian is an Imperial member of the Kvatch guard, and, during the quest "Find the Heir," is seen defending the barricade between the Scamps and the innocent civilians.


Jesan Rilian is found at the Kvatch Oblivion Gate during the search for Martin. Jesan, as well as two other Kvatch Guards, Merandil and Captain Savlian Matius, are stood behind the barricade in front of the Gate in an attempt to keep the Daedra back. Should enemies come through the Gate, all three soldiers will run in to kill them, and then return behind the barricade.



  • "Just follow Savlian's orders, and everything will be fine."
  • "Talk to Captain Matius if you need something. I'm just following his orders." - After offering to help Captain Matius
  • "Not now. There's work to be done."


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