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The following is a list of all jewelry found in The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Description[edit | edit source]

Jewelry can be forged at the Smithy or bought at the Enchanter's Tower, as well as found in chests.

Rings and necklaces provide the wearer with bonus ranks to one or more specific skills. Rings give bonus ranks to spells and abilities, while necklaces have ranks for perks.

You must first learn a skill with Skill Points in order to benefit from any bonus ranks you have for it.

Jewelry comes in 6 different grades. As grade increases, so do the number of skills given bonus ranks, up to three, and the number of ranks provided. Every grade after the first adds a different prefix to the item's name: sparkling, gleaming, radiant, dazzling, and resplendent.

Jewelry of lower value only provides bonus ranks to skills with a low minimum required level, those near the bottom of their respective skill trees. More valuable jewelry can give bonus ranks to skills higher up the skill trees, as well as give extra bonus ranks to the skills below them.

Jewelry[edit | edit source]

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